Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

They continued on until they were well outside the town. The trip was an uneventful, if extremely nerve-wracking drive, after that one attack, for which everyone was very grateful. Mike didn't see a single living creature the entire time.

When they had driven for a few minutes without seeing any more shuffling corpses, Mike slowed the truck to a stop.

"You guys take a minute to stretch your legs and have something to eat. If you need a bathroom break, now is the time. Just don't go alone and holler if you see anything, okay?"

"You got it, Scouter Mike," Martin said.

Mike walked over to Shaun's van. The man was just digging the spare tire and a tire jack out of the back.

"Sorry I snapped at you, Shaun," Mike said, as he walked up. He looked at the van's tire. It was completely shredded.

Shaun looked at him and smiled. "No, you were right to do it. I should have known better. I put everyone at risk."

"Well, no sense dwelling on it now," Mike said. "We're through and everyone is safe." He thought about that for a moment. "Your guys ARE all safe, right?"

Shaun slipped the jack under van and started to lift the vehicle. "Yeah, they're fine. A little rattled, but good otherwise."

"Good. Let's get that tire off and changed."

Steve joined the two men and they had the tire changed very quickly. Martin, Todd and Kyle took watch around the vehicles to ensure nothing caught them unaware."

Shaun was just tightening the last wheel lug when Todd called out a warning. "There is one of the undead coming down the highway toward us."

"How far, Todd?" Mike called back.

"A hundred feet, maybe," Todd said. "It just showed up over a hill or I would have seen it sooner. It's moving pretty fast."

"I think that's our cue," Mike said to his fellow Scouters. "Just leave the old wheel behind."

"That's weird," Todd said.

"What's going on, Todd?" Mike asked.

"The creature. It was coming closer and suddenly changed direction and went into the ditch. It had to have seen us. And the ditch is full of deep water. I can only see its head right now."

"That I've got to see," Mike said. He walked around Shaun's van over to the boy. Sure enough, the undead creature, once a man, was slowly moving through the deep water, only it's head showing.

Martin and Kyle stood watching from their spots looking as baffled as Mike felt.

"That is really odd," Mike said. "These things have been so consistent in the way they behave right up until we hit Citroen. That is, they see us and they attack. Now they are avoiding us. I don't understand. What has changed?"

"I don't know, Scouter Mike," Todd said. "What should we do about this one?"

"If it were a bear or a cougar or a fox, I would say leave it alone. Let it be. But it isn't anything natural. I think we should destroy it so it can't hurt any other unsuspecting person."

Mike looked around. "That reminds me. Where is Ricky?"

"He stayed in the truck. Said his head hurt."

Mike nodded. "I'm sure it does." He looked over at the truck. Ricky was watching through the rear passenger window. Mike waved at the boy.

Ricky opened the truck door. "Yes, Scouter Mike?"

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