Chapter 3: School Time!

"Hey y'all," Scotty said when he got to all his friends.

"Hey Scotty," said Jay Booth.

"What's up man?" asked Jacob Bowes.

"Not much. Dropped Jackie off at school," Scotty replied.

"Aw. How come you did that?" asked Gabi.

"Alright, well... You guys know my mom's sister Shauna, right?"

"Yeah. We know Shauna," replied Kyle Wiggins.

"Well, her husband - my uncle Kevin - " Scotty stopped and looked up at the sky, unsure whether or not to continue.

"What happened?" asked Jacob.

With his voice cracking a little, Scotty continued, "A couple of weeks ago, Kevin got into a car accident."

"Oh my gosh, Scotty," Gabi gasped. "How?"

"He was sitting in traffic, waiting for the light to change. All of a sudden, another car - which I think was a dagum Sedan or somethin' like that - unexpectedly reared him from behind," Scotty explained, his voice still cracking.

"Oh my gosh!" Kyle and Jay exclaimed.

"Go on, what happened next?" pressed Jacob.

"The driver of the Sedan got out of her car and looked in Kevin's car. When she saw that he wasn't responding, she called for an ambulance." Scotty was about to continue on when three more of his friends, Yameer Green, Kanique Swanson and Ava Mumford - Taylor came over.

"Hello. What up everybody?" asked Yameer.

Kanique looked at Scotty, who looked like he was going to cry, then asked Gabi, "Why is Scotty so upset? It's not like him."

"Before you guys came over, Scotty was telling us how his uncle Kevin got into a car accident a couple weeks ago," Gabi explained.

Letting out a collective gasp, Yameer, Kanique and Ava shouted, "Oh my goodness!" Then they all put their hands to their mouths in shock.

"We're sorry, Scotty," said Ava softly, walking over and putting her arm on his shoulder.

"Thanks Ava," he replied, giving her a hug.

"You're welcome," replied Ava.

"So what happened after the Sedan owner called for the ambulance?" Kanique asked. Then everybody in the group looked immediately at Scotty, wanting for him to continue.

Scotty started with, "Well..." before the bell rang, signaling the start of first block.

"Uh oh. Time for class," stated Kyle.

"Oh darn!" groaned Yameer. "Scotty, tell us more after school okay?"

"You bet I plan to continue my story," Scotty softly chuckled.

With comments of approval and concern, all of his friends went inside the school. Only Gabi was still with him.

"Thanks for being willing to listen to me this morning, Gabi. And all of y'all," Scotty said to her.

"You're welcome Scotty Cooke," Gabi replied. "So will you tell us the rest of the story about the accident after school?"

"Um... Sure."

"Okay. Let's go to class, country boy." Gabi let out a small giggle.

"Alrighty then, miss Purple," Scotty quickly replied back.