love is blind (micro fiction)

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" My world is different from yours, I see permanent darkness all my life.

I don't think it's the same darkness you see when you close your eyes, or turn off the light switch in your room before you sleep, because you could always picture bright and colorful images when your eyes are shut, but I can't.

My brain doesn't comprehend 'bright' or 'colorful' or 'images' since I was born sightless.

Shades of color, moonlight reflecting on the surface of a lake in a starry night, sun rays penetrating your window and waking you up in the morning, a rainbow materializing across the azure sky after a rainy day, the famous smile of the Mona Lisa; all those blessings do not exist in my world.

You have to believe me when I tell you that I don't really care, because I've never seen them and I'll never miss them.

There's one thing that I do miss even though I've never before laid eyes on.

My only impossible wish is to have a chance, just for once, to see your face.

It'll just be a day, a few hours, even a few minutes and then, I'll die a happy man."


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