Blue Fuzz

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Blue raspberry over saturates my taste buds. With slightly fuzzy textures and waves of ice. Sweet, chilly, potent. Swimming and drowning in a greenland ocean of bright turquoise syrup is a smooth, fuzzy, and sticky experience unlike any other.

It literally chills you to the bone and warms you back up all over again, making the brain numb as hell. Hypothermia, and ocean currents pull me to the gleaming ice caps above and below, like a puppet on set. Orcas swim all around me, their clicks and bubble nets bounce and buzz, through and around the shiny mirrors of the colloid medium.

I don't feel like I'm dying, in fact I feel more alive than ever. Dopamine, sexual stimulation, and fatigue. A subwoofer bellows from the abyss. The sound cold and metallic. Moaning through the sticky pleasure, constantly arriving and departing.

Psychedelic jellyfish slowly drift and blur the already amplified water through electricity. Shocking, agonizing, euphoric, and unreal. Its all there, in the blue fuzz. I close my eyes, and fall to sleep.

Suddenly, exploding either upwards or downwards, shattering the ice. I land with a hard thud. My lungs gasp for air and my eyes open. An inverted white sky glares with a shiny lime sun. Droplets of critics flavored soda shower from powdered candy clouds that buzz within eight bit heat waves.

A jagged and arid landscape of pillow basalt stained transparent with tie dye rainbows expands and bobs towards infinity in every direction. A strange hut structure sways in the distance. I start the long walk towards it, the euphoria from the blue fuzz now gone.

I walk for what seems like days, constantly stumbling and falling along the way. At one point I stop thinking, the structure should be getting closer by now. After a minute or two spent in either sedation or excitement, I keep walking.

I once saw this episode of Man vs. Wild. It was when Bear Grylls was in the middle of the Sahara heading north towards the Atlas Mountains. The mountains seemed really close, but they were very far away. Is that what's happening? Am I making progress? Or am I not moving at all? Maybe I'm stuck.

I look down to my feet, they're moving alright. I just feel like I'm not moving. Blood rushes to my head. I'm so thirsty and cold. My fate is at the mercy of the elements. The swirling silence is broken by what seems like a choir of alien voices. Frightened, disjointed, and sad. I think there screaming for me to wake up.

But how can I wake up from this? I mean, isn't the reason of not waking up why I'm here in the first place? I certainly don't want to die here. Not in this upside-down wasteland of candy and rock. But I don't want to leave here either. Stony hut structure, thatched woven roof of hemp.

Surprised by her ethereal presence, I run eagerly into the structure and on the other side I see her. Pale skin, beautiful blue hair, cute nose, and sexy glasses. She's a goddess. I lunge forward, forcing my lips onto hers. We kiss passionately. I can taste the blue fuzz again, but something about this taste is different, like it's watered down or something.

We kiss like this for a long time, just then she forces her lips from mine. Her eyes are filled with concern, sadness, and remorse. This time I just hold her and let her cry.

When she stops she sighs, "Chris.What are you doing here?"

I hug her closer, her cold warmth pressing hard against my bare skin. "I came to be with you. To stay. I don't like the world out there."

She replies, "But that is where you belong. Not here, not with me. I love you too but... Your family needs you. What about your cat, Lily? O-or your parents. Your brother. Would you dare abandon your brother?" She cries once more.

I don't know what to do. On one hand, I can return to the godawful real world and face prison or rehab. Or I can stay here, with the girl I fell in love with. But the idea of leaving my entire family behind seems almost unbearable.

I can still hear the desperate cries of those on the other side. Begging me to come back. I stand there for a few moments, thinking about everything back home, and everything here.

And everything here seems so much better.

I know how perverted this place is, but thats what's so beautiful about it, and what's so beautiful about her. I make up my mind. Kissing, caressing, ice cold touch, warm skin, beautiful blue hair, blue-raspberry over saturation fizzing in my mouth.

Desperate cries drown under the sound of our potent love. I gently pull away, and tell her that I love her above all else. That she is my queen, and that she is my delusion. I feel a sudden jolt. Seizure, foaming saliva, numbness, flatline, death.

I was cut off now. And now it is here that I spend the rest of my days with her, dead to the rest of the world and trapped within my own overdose.

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