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I walked up the stairs, and into my room. I wanted I get ready for school, so I could see Isaac again.

He left early this morning, and I was surprised Derek didn't know he was here at all.

I wore a pair of light washed skinny jeans, a blue sheer top, and some brown combat boots.

Derek made his way down the stairs. "Hey." He smiled, pouring himself some coffee. "Hey Der, I'm going to make my way down the car okay?"

He just nodded, and finished mixing his coffee.

I walked downstairs, and saw a smiling face waiting for me outside.

"Hello beautiful." I smiled at the kind face of the dark-haired boy.

"Hey Handsome." I smiled, back.

"Do you want a ride to school today?" He asked, walking over to me.

"I don't know, Derek might kill you." I said, really wanting to catch a ride with him.

"But, I want to take my girlfriend to school!" He whined.

"Shhhhh!!!! We aren't telling the pack until tonight."

"I'll be right back!" I said, and turned to walk towards the door, yelling up to Derek,

"I'm good on the ride, see you later." Before he could say anything, I left.

Isaac greeted me with a kiss when he saw me.

It was slow and passionate, and I felt his lips curl up. My heart fluttered through every second.

He pulled away, and set his forehead against mine, "We're going to be late." He said, and he pulled away to sit on his motorcycle.

I slid on behind him, and wrapped my arms around his waist.

I buried my head into his shoulder an took in his scent.

What? I'm technically half dog, it's normal! Don't judge!

"Are you smelling me?" He chuckled.

"No...maybe." I told him.

He laughed, and revved the clutch.

"Let's go." We didn't need helmets, we would just heal ourselves anyways.

My senses and power were going into overdrive. I could cause a person pain by just thinking about them. I coup also feel everything they had felt in their entire lives by looking at them.

That's how I knew everything about Isaac uh first glance.

We arrived at the school, and I could already feel the eyes starring at us. He stopped the bike, and we both stepped off.

"See how much fun you had riding to school with our boyfriend?" He said, looking at me, as I stepped off the bike.

I shook my curly, blond hair out, and looked at him.

"Why would it not be?"

I smiled at his clumsy look, even though we were the most coordinated kids in the entire world.

He intertwined our fingers together, as we walked into the school.

Every pair of eyes were on us, and I felt slightly uncomfortable, feeling the girls jealous views towards me.

Isaac and I laughed together as we chatted all the way to class.

I was stopped by Lydia and Alison in the hallway.

"Are you two together now?" Lydia asked.