Chapter 4: She's Nothing

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A/N: guess who that gif is for...*hint* it's not for Kai and Shawn ;)


"So Jimin's your favourite huh?" He asked under his breath, glancing over at the girl who stood closely next to him.

Kai grinned, nodding as she tried not to squeal over remembering her time with her bias. "Thank you for inviting me," she said happily.

Shawn grinned lightly at her excited. Chuckling when she seemed to hug herself and look over into the night again, he simply stared down at the side of her face.

He had trouble breathing.

When seeing his intense gaze, Kai ended up doing a double-take, laughing in shock at him staring at her.

He chuckled awkwardly before looking forward, his eyes wide as he scolded himself mentally over getting a hold of himself. What's wrong with you lately?

"Sorry I didn't get to dance with you," she said grinning, shoving his side playfully with hers.

He had a genuine smile on his face.

"Nah it's cool," he said grinning, "I'm just glad you were all over Jimin instead of the others."

"Right," she said softly, "you're not a fan of Jungkook I heard."

His brows furrowed at her knowing any of that. She shrugged, whispering out your name before smiling.

"You two seemed to get close real fast," he said under his breath, not wanting to go back home early to face the what excitement you had bottled up within you once he got back.

"Iris and Y/N are really nice."

"Yeah they're my girls," he popped, sighing as he leaned more onto the car's side.

Kai smiled lightly at that. It amazed her that someone of his history could be so respectful and sweet. Although at first she assumed it was a facade to simply get into her pants, after seeing his relationship with Iris and you, she knew it was genuine. Shawn was a genuinely great guy...

"You could be one too," he smugly let out, "but you're always playing."

Kai rolled her eyes. He may be genuinely great, but was an arrogant ass. A sweet one, Kai smiled a tiny bit to herself when thinking about the boy.

"So what Jimin and you talk about?" He asked lightly and Kai's brows furrowed at the tone.

"Nothing of your interest," she teased and he grinned hugely at her trying not to smile over at him.

"He's my friend so don't get too close alright?" He playfully shot back, faking a stern expression while looking over at her.

"I will get close," she chimed giggling, moving to stand in front of him, "what you going to do if I do?"

Dramatically moving a hand to his chest, he moaned in pain. "My heart wouldn't be able to take it," he loudly sang out and her eyes widened at him wishing to wake up the neighbourhood as she quickly placed her hand over his mouth. He finished the last bit of his reenactment into her palm, his eyes squinting.

He was smiling.

She was trying not to laugh as she shushed him, laughing as he pouted at her palm and had his arms go around her quick.

Her breath hitched when he suddenly had her pressed against him. Staring at his lips that were curved up in a warm smile, she hesitantly leaned in to the boy.

He grinned larger at her attempting to kiss him. Not moving, he watched amused as she struggled.

Having enough of her cute awkwardness when she nervously chuckled, he helped her by leaning in and softly kissing her.

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