I was wearing tight black skinney jeans with a white t shirt that had one sleeve hanging off the shoulder....I didn't know what to wear to these type of things. The only parties I've been through were the ones for my relatives and Jesy's.

"You alright?" Harry yelled over the roar of the music. "Yeah I'm fine." I lied not wanting to depress Harry's party mood. "K just tell me if your uncomfortable."

The aroma of alchohal hit me and I cringed. Drunm bodies on the dance floor swaying as lights were flashing and cups scattered the floor. Let's just hope there's bunch or something I actually drink here.


Perrie's p.o.v

I was wearing a tight black dress that came up to mid-thigh. It had lines cut off in the back of the dress showing my bare back but i covered it up with my black vacity jacket which sleeves were rolled up my arms.

I stepped through Liam's door the music so loud it hurt my ears.

I really didn't want to be here. Eleanor left my side the second she saw Louis and ran up to him kissing him on the lips as he held her spinning her body around quickly before he put her down.

I wish I had someone to do that to me. Lights were flashing in my eyes as I went further into the house seeing sweaty bodies pass me drunkly. I got a couple glimpses of familiar faces dancing nearby. I saw Zayn and Cataleya dancing as she giggled into his chest after he just whispered something into her ear smiling. I couldn't deny they made a cute couple. Dani and Liam were laughing sitting on the counter top in the kitchen drinking from red plastic cups.

I noticed Leigh-Anne with a familiar boy named Jordan dancing near the boombox. Everyone seemed happy ...but me.

Come on Perrie you can't keep mopping around. What was the point of coming to a party if you weren't going to have fun?

I grabbed a cup of punch (I don't drink.) And walked off trying to find someone I knew to talk to.

When I went to go talk to my friends Kathren I bumped into someone. "Sorry." I mummbled as they looked up noticing it was Jade.My stomach churned as I got to see her up close again noticing how close our bodies were.  She just stood there silently before I whisered another "Sorry." Under my breath and brushed past her blushing.

She couldn't even speak to me.


Jade's p.o.v

I tried to avoid another awkward bump into with someone else. But my gaze just seemed to stay on Perrie's body as she manuvered around people trying to get past.She looked freakin gorgeous right now. As like any other time. No Jade your dating Harry.

I tried to stop following her at a safe distance but I couldn't. Her hair was falling perfectly down her shoulders as she danced giggling with a boy from school named Josh Cuthebert. Jealousy boiled up in me. Do I ever learn? She's not going to want you back Jade she doesn't care my mind said but my heart was telling me the opposite.

I felt a slight sting in my heart as she ran a hand through his hair facing him giggling like mad again.

Harry left my side a while ago to talk to some of his friends and I was completely alone if you didn't count me stalking Perrie right now.

I was getting a few stares from some people at school but I didn't really care I just brushed them off.

The throbbing pain in my eyebrow was beating harder now and I put my index finger there putting pressure on it hoping it would go away. But it didn't.

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