chapter 32

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Perrie's p.o.v

It was like there was a knife in my stomach and someone was pushing it deeper and twisting it everytime I saw Jade and Harry in the hallway.

She was supposed to be mine not his. I'm the one that should be making her giggle and kiss her blush away not him.

I saw them near a row of lockers in the hallway. One of his arms next ti her head as he looked down at her smiling before he connected his lips to hers. I saw her smile shining through and my heart clenched tightly.

I hate the way my body was reacting to all of this. I wanted to get over it. Wanted to go on with my life just like everyone else was.

"Aw what's wrong Perrie does someone have a broken heart." Leigh-Anne said giving me a fake pouty face that I wanted to bitch slap off her face. "Fuck you." I mummbled slamming my locker shut and walked away hearing her chuckling behind me.


Jade's p.o.v

Harry and I have been going out for 3 weeks now. I was warming up to him a little more now. He's a really sweet guy to be honest. We were on in the hallway kissing. Harry's kisses were different from Perrie's. When his were full of love and soft and gentle. Her's were also soft but rougher which was I sort of liked about her kisses. When he kissed my neck they were sweet and simple. Her's were full of bites and lustful. But the main difference between them was I actually felt something with Perrie. Kissing Harry was like kissing a pillow.

We were in mid make out when we heard a locker slam loudly. Harry and I broke our kiss to see where the noise from. Of course it was Perrie. I saw her look at me for a mid second her eyes shining and watery before she turned around and walked away.

Harry looked down at me his eyes serious now. "What's her problem?" I shrugged even though I knew the true problem to it.

He grabbed my hand taking me with him down the hall. "So tomorrow there's going to be a party at Liam's house the whole school is coming and I want to take you.....only if your willing to of course." Harry was actually really good friends with Zayn, Louis, and Liam he just decided to keep his space from them.

"So?" He asked when I didn't answer lost in thought. But what if Perrie was there? "Um.....sure." He grinned "Great." His lips brushed mine quickly before he led me to his car to drive me home.


Perrie's p.o.v

"Get your ass up were going to the party." Eleanor told me as she stepped into my room. I rolled my eyes falling on my bed and shutting my eyes. "But why?" I whined. I heard her going through the clothes in my closet before she threw a dress in my direction.

"Because everyone is going to be there and evervsince your break-up you've been a mess. Plus there's hot guys there." Yeah that's exactly what I needed to be hit on guys right now. I thought sarcastically. She has a point though I've been a whining willow ever since Harry and Jade started dating I guess I could try dating someone again.

"Fine." I sighed out standing up examining at the dress Eleanor gave me. "It reveals too much skin don't ya think?" She rolled her eyes at ny stupid question. "That's the point idiot now wear it."


Jade's p.o.v

We were outside Liam's house but I could already hear the music that was booming coming from it. I could feel a slight throbbing coming from my eyebrow. I didn't completely agree with the idea of coming here I felt like an outcast.

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