chapter 31

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Perrie's p.o.v

What the hell did I just say? My mind was spinning thinking over all the words I just said to Jade. I am the biggest idiot of my generation. How could I say that to Jade? I loved her. The pained expression on her face flashed through my mind as my eyes were trained on my jacket that was on the floor. She hates me. She fucking believed everything I said and she probably hates me. I knelt down grabbing the jacket. How am I ever going to let her forgive me?

Stop it Perrie you need to forget her. I shut my eyes feeling the hot tears splash down my face. It was for the best.

Jade's p.o.v

It wasn't like I could just hide from the world and school because if I could I sure as hell wouldn't be here.

I checked my phone underneath the lunch table one last time hoping to see my screen light up saying: New message from pez <3 but it didn't.

"Jade?" I heard Harry's deep but caring voice say across from me.

"Yeah?" I put my phone in my pocket hoping no one saw how i was checking it every 5 seconds.

Harry fumbled with his hands nervously before he wiped him on his jeans. He snuck a glance at Jesy and Niall who were deep in conversation probably not even noticing us.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

" Well I've been trying to say this for a while now but with Perrie always bugging you and you in the hospital I never had the chance to but." My heart ached at Perrie's name. Stop it Jade.

"What I'm trying to say is can I take you out Friday you know like on a....on a date." I stared at him my lips slightly parted. Never in all my life would I think that Harry would get tounge-tied over trying to ask a girl out. Especially me. Why would he have a crush on me?

"You know what forget I even asked it. It was a stulid question." I shook my head thinking things through I could get a new fresh start to get my mind of off .....her.

"No. No it's not I'd love for you to take me on a date." I smiled at him. Harry was a nice guy and he knew how to treat a lady well I was going to take him up on his offer.

His face lit up in suprise. "Oh..Wow that's great. Pick you up this Friday at 8?" I giggled slightly at his confused yet shocked expression.

"Yeah sure." The bell rang and I got up giving Harry a quick hug trying to feel some sort of connection between us.....But there wasn't one.


What am I doing am I really that ready to start dating again?

I thought staring at my reflection in the mirror. The girl I saw didn't resmeble me. Well at least her face didn't. It was dissapointed. Dissapointed that the person she was going on a date with wasn't the person she wanted them to be.

I sighed bringing up the mascara to my eyelashes to give them more volume. Why was I fixing myself up for a person I don't want?

I took a step back looking at what i was wearing. Pretty simple actually. Black jeans shorts and an oversized sweater. Harry told me not to over due it. To just dress like how I usually would if we were to hang out. It was so different to my first date with Perrie. The date ao stressed so much on to look great on.

Speaking of my first date with Perrie, I was still wearing the necklace from that day. I didn't know why I hadn't thrown it away by now. It was probably because it was the most expensive looking gift someone bought me.

I tucked it inside my sweater before going downstairs and slipped on my black trainers. I heard a faint beep coming from outside and stared at myself one more time from the corridor mirror. I forced another smile. Like I have been doing lately.


"So where are we going?" I asked Harry from the passenger seat. His lips curved up into a smile. "We're going to watch the conjuring." Oh great just what I needed, to be scared out of my mind. "Cool." I replied with fake enthusiasm.


"You ready?" Harry asked grabbing my hand as he helped me out of the car. Well he wasn't really giving me a choice. Comeon Jade Harry's a really nice guy give him a chance. "Thanks." I just got to look at he was wearing. Skinney jeans,a plain white t, and a black blazor with tge sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He looked rather cute if you asked me.

I clung onto his arm as we made it inside the cinimea but he guided me to the snack line so we could buy a couple things. "Foods on me." He insisted smiling showing off his adorable dimples. I didn't really want to argue. He was quite a gentlemen when it came to these type of things.. plus I had no money with me.

In the end we had 2 tickets to the conjuring with 2 large buckets of popcorn,a handful of twizzlers, one pepsi for him and a mountain due for me. Unincluding the ton of chocolate he bought. Wow he knew how to spoil someone.

During the movie whenever Harry's hand brushed mine or my knee by accident I tried really hard to feel the sparks but I couldn't . Although I did hide behind him almost throughout the whole movie. Why was this movie so bloody scary?!?!


"You alright?" Harry chuckled at my scared puppy dog face I was making. "Fine. Can you just take me somewhere else please?" I asked before he nodded standing up brushing the crums off his shirt and lap. Grabbing my hand he lead me back into his car where he drove me to a frozen yogurt shop.


"Well I had fun tonight." Harry told me as we stood outside my house the cild wind hitting both of our faces tinting mine a slight pinkish color. "Me too." I said genuinly happy he took me out. It sort of took my mind off things for a while.

"I'd like to do it again sometime." I told him and his eyes lit up. "Um...yeah sure anytime you want. Well i better leave before you mum comes out and suspects something." He laughed lowly before locking gazes with me. I guess he sort of got lost in my eyes because his face kept on moving closer and closer. My mind went on full alert my heart beating fast with worry. Did I actually want to kiss him? Harry didn't push me he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and i released a sigh I didn't know I was holding. "See you Monday Jade."

He smiled before giving me a hug. "You too Harry."


"So are you two dating?" Niall asked Monday afternoon as we all stood in the hallway. Harry looked down at me from my spot next to him on the row of lockers seeing if I would confirm it or not. "I guess so." I replied getting Jesy to raise a curious eyebrow at me as if to say 'What happened to Perrie?'

"Yeah we most definantly are." I said with more confidence in my voice. Harry smiled down at me before he put his arm around my waist and kissed my cheek. I smiled weakly then caught someone's attention from across the halls. Perrie.

She looked at Harry's arm around my waist in jelousy. Why was she jelous? She broke up with me!!!!!

Her eyes met mine hurt filled with jealousy and anger but I decided to take that to my advantage. I put my arms aroind Harry's torso giving him a quick kiss on the lips before i turned around again to smirk at Perrie her face flushing red.

Let's see whose hurting even more now.


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