The Signs In Conversation

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Aries:it's a two-way street: you either get along or they can't stand you. your opinions better line up with theirs

Taurus:will talk your ear off until they get bored, and then may complain a little.

Gemini:on and off. their mood changes fast and sometimes they care more than others, but they're there to talk when it means something.

Cancer:you tell them everything. like, they understand. they can't always relate but they're greaT listeners.

Leo:if you catch them at the right time, the conversation will leave you fulfilled. if not, it will be light and playful.

Virgo:opinionated, will fight you when it's necessary. the one friend who you can take criticism from because it's always good-intentioned.

Libra:the one friend who hella understands. no matter what you're talking about, it's like they're on your side.

Scorpio:makes you open up. they have so many secrets that yours seem to fit right in

Sagittarius:isn't always around to talk, but when you do it's like you never stopped and the conversations are always bomb.

Capricorn:someone is always rolling their eyes. they're good for serious talks and fun talks alike, but they're definitely not always interested

.Aquarius:so much fun. they have ideas and all the shit to say. playfully insults you a lot.

Pisces:literally nothing is serious. you're just constantly laughing at the dumb shit coming out of both your mouths.

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