Twelve- The Lake

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Will's POV-

I sighed as Nico and I glided across the lake in a canoe. It was a beautiful afternoon and the sun was reflecting in bright rays of light off the water. I looked over to Nico as I sent the oars down in the boat, letting us come to a gradual halt.

Seeing his worried expression I frowned, "What is it love?"

"I was just, never mind."

"You can tell me anything de Angelo, you know that."

Nico sighed and begun, "It's just, what are we supposed to do about all of this? You and me. Will, your supposed to marry my sister."

"We will deal with that later, don't worry."

"When? Will, your wedding is in a month."

That was when it really sank in. The gravity of our situation. I was to marry Bianca. To tell my father and the kingdom that I wanted to marry another girl was bad, but to marry Bianca's brother, the kingdom would not stand for it.

"I guess," I begun,"I guess I'll have to talk to my father."

"But Will, I though you said he would be furious."

"You, Nico, are worth my father's wrath."

A.N. Sorry this is really short I just felt bad for not posting in forever and wanted to at least post something. There will be more chapters soon though so don't worry!

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