Chapter 18 

"Faith! Where the hell are my shoes?" Jason shouted at me. 

I rolled my eyes at him, "Calm down, brother. They're on your feet." 

Looking down, he realized his shoes were in fact on his feet, causing him to blush. Sighing, I slipped on shoes of my own and skipped down the front steps, joining Liam in his car. Leaning over the middle, I brushed my lips against his, "Morning." 

He smiled, "A good morning it is." 

Giving him a mock concerned look, I rested my hand over the top of his, "Are you okay, there? You're talking a little weird." 

Liam chuckled, picking up my hand and kissing it, "Just happy to be with my favorite girl." 

"Someone's being a suck-up," I muttered, sitting back in my seat as we continued down the road, making our way to school. 

Mondays suck. 

As we pulled into the parking lot, I groaned, "Why is there school again?" 

"So the world isn't full of idiots," Liam replied, cutting off the engine. He hurried out of the car and opened my door for me, offering me his hand as help to get off. 

"Well thank you, sir," I mocked a british accent. 

He smiled and adapted an accent as well, "Of course, m'lady." 

Walking into the building, hand in hand, we met up with our friends. 

Jill smiled at me, Something's gonna happen today, I can feel it

You remember the plan? I asked her. 

Winking at me, I took her answer as a yes. Kissing Liam on the cheek, I let go of his hand, "Jill and I have to go ask Mr. Meyers a question. I'll see you in second period." 

"I'll miss you, beautiful," He whispered in my ear. 

I could only imagine how red my face was, despite my pathetic attempts to hide the blush. 

"So what do you think their plan is?" She asks me as we walk down the hallway to meet Drew. 

Shrugging, I sighed, "I have no clue." 


Today was going to be interesting, that's for sure. 

After Faith and Jill left, Josh sidled up next to me, "Hey man, you ready?" 

Rubbing my sweaty palms against my legs, I replied quietly, "Ready as I'll ever be." 

As our group continued talking in the hall I glanced around, brows furrowing, "Hey. Where's Drew?" 

Everyone shrugged in unison, making me sigh. Deciding to find out, I mind linked him, Hey, man. Where are you? 

Huh? Oh. Hey, Liam. I'm in Mr. Meyers' class. Group project I gotta help with, he answered. 

Okay, thanks. I put my walls back up. 

So Jill and Faith had gone to work on a group project with Drew. That makes sense. 

Pausing as we walked to first period, Josh and Justin gave me curious looks. I could feel my eyes narrow, "None of them have Mr. Meyers." 

Their eyes widened and I nodded. 

Something was up. 

Finally, it was lunch. The time I've been waiting for all day. Ditching Faith, which I felt really bad about and my wolf scolded me for doing so, I sprinted to the cafeteria and found that all the preparations were set.