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           *a month later*


    I was at my cousins house its his birthday. So we turning up mad hard I brought Raven here but she had to leave early she got called to business. I still ain't fucked her yet wonder why she making me wait. She says she doesn't want to rush thing. I don't like it but it better be worth it. I was chilling with my cousin when I saw Nicole come.

"Wassup Nicki" I says.

"Hey Miranda wassup wit you" she says smiling. She came in a black skirt pink shirt and pink heels.

Her hair is up in a high ponytail and she has on lip gloss, faded pink eye shadow and light blush. She looks good.

"Sexy who you getting dolled up foe?" I ask as she sits down.

"I'm here wit my bae" she says smiling.

"Funny Adrian here wit her bae" I say. I see Adrian appear. She is in a blue shirt and black jeans then some red shoes her hair is up in a messy bun showing off her piercings. She has all blue jewelry. She looks fucking gorgeous but then again she always is. The next event pissed me off though. I walk up to hug her but she moves past me to kiss Nicole. Oh hell no she did not just brush past me to kiss her. Nicole is her bae. I'm pissed now. Adrian tries to hug me but I brush it and  sit down. Adrian looks confused. I take some more shots and feel myself mellow. I get up and start dancing with different girl. The studs can resist me. I'm in a high waisted black skirt that hugs my curves black heels that make my ass looks sexy and a white buster shirt that outlines my full big breast and shows off my belly button ring. My hair is  down and flat ironed under a black bow. I have on my white feather earrings. To top it off I have silver eye shadow black eye liner lip gloss  and a bit of blush. Yes bitches I'm bad and I know it. While dancing I see Adrian and Nicole cup caking it up on the couch. Oddly I get jealous as hell. I stop dancing and walk outside. I light a cigarette. I don't smoke often but I need a nerve killer. Whoa hold up……Why am I jealous? I'm use to having Adrian all to myself? Why did my temper flare when she said she had a girl? What the hell is wrong with me? Do I have feelings for her? I take a drag and lean against the outside of the house. Unwillingly my mind shifts to the day I gave Adrian my virginity.  She made my body feel things never felt before. That tongue worked magic and she worked a strap like no bodies business all the positions she put me in.  They way she made my body heat up, the multiple orgasms, my body shaking. I touched my neck the feeling of her sucking on it came back. My cousins bday was the same day I lost my virginity to Adrian. I don't regret it. She made love to me although not in a romantic place it was the closest I felt to being loved. What is wrong with me today?

"Randy" I hear and I snap out of my daze. I open my eyes to see Adrian she looked worried.

"Randy what you doing smokin you know it ain't good foe you" she says taking the cigarette out my hand putting it out.

"Ya well it ain't good don't mean i wont do it" I say looking straight ahead.

"Randy wassup wit chu look at me damn girl" She says. I turn and look in her eyes. Damn she is beautiful I mean she was always beautiful but its like I'm seeing her for the first time. I break eye contact look down and shrug.

"Randy I was worried" She says she looks worried.

"I'm good Adrian go back in dere wit ya girl"I say and walk off. I hear her behind me.

"Randy what's ya problem"she asks aggravated.

"I said I'm good Adrianna I just need to get some shit right I'll tell you latea I'll explain tomorrow" I lie. She crosses her arms.

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