"You don't think that do you?"

"Where did you say you were going?" She changed the subject yet again.

"My brother invited me to go to the beach with him his wife and my nephew."


"Please come."

"You have to let me pay ."

"Okay fine."

Shit I lied, wow I really didn't mean to. I'm trying to stop lying. Damn that's another lie. I'm trying to clean up my language as well. Damn another fucking lie you shit head, get your head out of your ass.
I laughed at my ridiculous sarcasm I crack myself up.

"I guess I could get away for a few days."

"Yes." I did a little happy dance to make her laugh. "We're leaving Thursday and coming back Monday. I'll pick you up around 6:00 Thursday morning."


"Oh and bring Pearl."


"Charlie is coming."

She nodded and walked away. Jokes on her because she left her phone. Me being me grabbed it, pulled her phone case back and slipped the money in.

Kamryn Kelly______________

When I grabbed my phone after work that day something was wrong. The corner of my case was popped off like someone had been playing with  it. Obviously I took the case fully off to see  Niall's money.
This boy is something els.

Kamryn: When is a good time for me to bring the money back.

Niall: You piss me off some times.

Okay then.

~Thursday morning~

I set an alarm for 5:00 this morning. That plan was shot down as I repeatedly hit the snooze button until 5:30.


I'm not a morning person, which is why I took a shower last night... So I wouldn't have to wake up earlier to take a shower this morning. So all I would have to do was put on some comfy clothes...black leggings that ended a little bit below the knee and a purple short sleeve shirt that has eyelashes on the front,my bright red flip flops that didn't match at all and to top it all off my glasses (they came in yesterday). Seeing as I was too tired to put in my contacts I left them on. Niall arrived shortly after I brushed my teeth. He said nothing he just stared.


"You are not a morning person."

"Can you tell?"
He laughed taking my suit case from me. "Thanks."

"So I see your glasses came in."

"Ugh don't remind me they are so ugly. I look like I'm in the sixth grade."

"You don't like them?"

"I'm embarrassed to wear them, I'm such a geek."
He studied my glasses.
"Quit looking at them."

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