Another Newsie Tries To Flirt With You

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Hello! Here we go again! Today's shout out goes to username ScatterBrain52

This one varies from character to character. I like to spice things up a bit!😝😝


You played the piano at Tibbys, doing your usual job, and started to talk with Mush.

"Hey (F/N), can I'se ask yous somethin'?" Mush asked, taking your hand in his. You slowly faded out the song with the one hand still on the piano, and looked at him.

"What is it Mush?" You said, concerned slightly.

He sighed, looking up at you. "I'se don't thinks Jack is alls dat good for yous."

You were hurt by the comment. You thought Jack was a fantastic boyfriend. You two spent lots of time together sharing laughs, expressing problems they had with others, or even just laying in a patch of grass in the park enjoying each other's company.

"Why?" You asked, your voice coming out as a soft whisper. "Has he done something wrong?"

You trusted Jack, but this made you think, maybe even doubt Jack's trust.

"I'se thinking maybe you can give us a shot maybe? I'll treat yous way betta dan Jacky boy could ever could," he said, leaning to kiss you.

You leaned back and pushed him off you lightly. "Mush, I don't think that's a good idea," you said, as his lips brushed against yours.

You turned away from him and you-

"Get da hell aways from my goil!" You heard a familiar voice yell, punching Mush right across the face.

Mush realizing what trouble he's gotten himself into, simply ran off. You turned to Jack, afraid for the worst.

"I'se do anythin' Jack, he was-"

"I'se trust yous (F/N)," he then kissed you on the lips before saying, "Mush can be a flirt sometimes, don't worry."

You nodded your head, looking at Jack. You stared at him, before turning your head back to the piano.

"I'se wrote a song me self Jack, yous wanna hear it?" You asked, remembering you had a job to do.

"Yeah (F/N), anything yous play will sound amazin'."


As the king of Brooklyn's girl, people were afraid to flirt with you. Not to mention you killed people in your past with your bare fists. However, there was a newcomer that wasn't aware of who you were so things went down.

It all started with a simple conversation. "Hey excuse me miss, but-" he stopped mid sentence, eyeing you strangely before smirking.

You motioned for him to continue. "Yous was sayin' something?"

He put his arm around you, before whispering your ear, "Don't worries darlin' it can wait."

You knew where this was going, so you kicked him in the balls, kneed him in the face as he bent over, and ran away. Little did you know, one of Spot's spies was watching you.

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