I Dont Care If Your Contagious

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Sometimes, life all became too much. Too many punches, too many put downs, too many incidences where Patrick's brain would shut down.

Often times, the only way he would find escape was by cutting. He knew in the long run it would never help much but then again, most escapes didn't. Tonight, he was sitting solemnly on the lid of the toilet watching the blood slowly seep from the new seams in his arms as the pain spread, new bruises forming on his body.

  Sometimes he had to bleed to know that he was alive and had a soul but it took Pete to come around and show him the light.
Honestly, Patrick had never felt so cared for, yet he didn't quite know if he liked that feeling. He didn't like himself and therefor Pete's constant reminders of how 'great' he was seemed like pity. Washing off the blood, the boy snuck back into his room thinking of what Pete would do if he found out about this.


"Hey Pattycakes, do you wanna come over to Andy's house for a bit and watch our band practice? We could meet up before hand and get some coffee at that new shop if you want to as well?" Pete asked nervously, Brendon and Mikey practically breathing down his neck as he spoke.

The two had decided to force the boy into a mini date after hearing him rant for almost two hours about the 'cute fedora angel bean' and how perfect he was.

    "Uh, sure. What time?" Patrick asked through the phone. "Does two work?" He responded, hoping it wasn't too short of notice. "Yeah that would be great! See you then." His voice rang out before the call ended, causing a loud squeak from Pete before Brendon and him jumped up and down as Mikey shook his head at the two.

"My little Petey is finally getting a date!" Brendon exclaimed, hugging Pete. No matter how many slutty girls approached the emo, he had always turned him down, throwing away the phone numbers slipped in his pockets. Pete seemed to carry an air of confidence wherever he went that made girls swoon.
Or at least until he met Patrick.

When he was with him everything changed and he was an anxiety ridden mess. 
    "What time is it? It's one right? What do I wear and say?" He stammered on the edge of a panic attack. "Shh Pete. You have one hour. What your wearing now looks fine. Just act like your usual sweet self and everything will be good." Brendon smiled, putting his hands on Pete's shoulders. "Yeah Dude. Wanna play some video games and calm your nerves before you go?" Mikey added, attempting to aid the boys anxiety.

"Nah. Actually I think I'm going to walk to the cafe, it's not too far from here but thanks. Honestly you guys are a life saver." Pete sighed taking back control of his brain. "Go get your fedora boy!" Brendon called as he left out the back door and down the road. Once he thought about it, he hadn't been on a walk in a while. Sun filtered though the leaves of overhead trees as he walked on the side walks of his wealthy neighborhood. Pete had always found himself hating his rich neighbors and houses with fancy statutes, preferring the suburban streets many of his friends lived on with toys and leaves streaking their overgrown lawns and chalk covered side walks. Houses like these showed signs of life and family, so unlike the pristine lifeless void of his home and others nearby.

    The cafe was now in view as he walked into the Chicago shopping grounds, pedestrians crossing streets and walking into stores as he passed by. It was 1:30 now as he sat against the outside of the cafe, earbuds in while he waited.

   Even if I say it will be alright still I hear you say you want to end your life

    This song brought back so many memories for Pete of the blood that use to stain his coat sleeves, the pill bottles that laid empty on the floor and most of all, his old best friend. Pete had horrible depression only two years ago, so bad that the marks were still stitched into his arms. But he wasn't alone.

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