Ch. 5 No Swimming!

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In the morning, I'm the only one without a hangover. Only because Lennox ordered me to stop drinking. I go outside and sit on the front porch hearing the girls wake up gradually. Drinking my tea and honey, I watch the sky change colors and reflect on last night. Why would the Alpha want me?

    I hear the roar of an engine as it comes up our road. I see it's a red jeep with the top off. The driver pulls in and parks. I notice he doesn't have a shirt on just a pair of sunglasses and shorts. Then I notice a small black sports car behind him. I don't know either of the guys. Maybe they're rides for Marta's friends?

"Hey, want to go swimming?" The guy in the jeep asks. I look him over, way too big and muscular. No way do I want to be alone with him.

"No, thank you."

The front door opens and Marta, Elizabeth, Leah and Missy come out. I can see they're wearing their swim suits under their clothes. I guess they didn't want me to go with them.

"Elizabeth, tell your friend she has to come."

"You have to come. Go get your suit on." Elizabeth says, bored not at all caring if I join them or not.

"I think I'll just stay here."

"Just come!" Marta yells, coming over to push me through the front door.

Reluctantly, I walk to my room and change into my white bikini. I throw a long white tube top dress over it and white flip flops. I walk back outside and the guy in the jeep jumps down waving me over to the passenger side of the jeep.

He opens the door and I get in. "Thanks." I say, quietly.

"You're welcome, babe." He replies, smiling and shutting the door.

He gets in and pulls out of the driveway after the little black car leaves. I silently wonder why no one else rode with us.

"I'm Tom." He introduces himself.


"I know. The whole pack is talking about you." He states, honestly.

I groan. I really don't want to hear about more gossipy rumors. He laughs. "Don't worry. I know bullshit lies when I hear them."

"Where are we going?"

"To the falls."

"Why didn't anyone else ride with us?"

He shrugs. "I only invited you." He states. I look at him. He's a jock, I can tell and a very cute one, probably popular. He has thick arms and a broad torso. He's tall and very athletic. Football I bet.

"Aren't they your friends?"

"Yeah, but I just wanted it to be us."

"Why?" I ask, suspiciously.

"So, we can get to know each other. Now, tell me about yourself." He encourages.

"Uh, I like to read. My favorite color is red and my sister is my best friend. How about you?"

"I love football. Favorite color is blue and I'm challenging the alpha for position this year."

My head snaps his way. "Are you crazy?! He'll kill you." I point out.

"Thanks for the confidence, babe." He jokes and then adds more seriously, "I need to try. I have alpha blood and I want to run this territory."

"He's faster and stronger than anyone. He's never even been taken to the ground." I stress. I know all about Alpha Hall, he's a legend. He took over at eighteen. "How old are you?"

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