Ch. 5 No Swimming!

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In the morning, I'm the only one without a hangover. Only because Lennox ordered me to stop drinking. I go outside and sit on the front porch hearing the girls wake up gradually. Drinking my tea and honey, I watch the sky change colors and reflect on last night. Why would the Alpha want me?
I hear the roar of an engine as it comes up our road. I see it's a red jeep with the top off. The driver pulls in and parks. I notice he doesn't have a shirt on just a pair of sunglasses and shorts. Then I notice a small black sports car behind him. I don't know either of the guys. Maybe they're rides for Marta's friends?
"Hey, want to go swimming?" The guy in the jeep asks. I look him over, way too big and muscular. No way do I want to be alone with him.
"No, thank you."
The front door opens and Marta, Elizabeth, Leah and Missy come out. I can see they're wearing their swim suits under their clothes. I guess they didn't want me to go with them.
"Elizabeth, tell your friend she has to come."
"You have to come. Go get your suit on." Elizabeth says, bored not at all caring if I join them or not.
"I think I'll just stay here."
"Just come!" Marta yells, coming over to push me through the front door. Reluctantly, I walk to my room and change into my white bikini. I throw a long white tube top dress over it and white flip flops. I walk back outside and the guy in the jeep jumps down waving me over to the passenger side of the jeep. He opens the door and I get in. "Thanks." I say, quietly.
"You're welcome, babe." He replies, smiling and shutting the door.
He gets in and pulls out of the driveway after the little black car leaves. I silently wonder why no one else rode with us.
"I'm Tom." He introduces himself.
"I know. The whole pack is talking about you." He states, honestly.
I groan. I really don't want to hear about more gossipy rumors. He laughs. "Don't worry. I know bullshit lies when I hear them."
"Where are we going?"
"To the falls."
"Why didn't anyone else ride with us?"
He shrugs. "I only invited you." He states. I look at him. He's a jock, I can tell and a very cute one, probably popular. He has thick arms and a broad torso. He's tall and very athletic. Football I bet.
"Aren't they your friends?"
"Yeah, but I just wanted it to be us."
"Why?" I ask, suspiciously.
"So, we can get to know each other. Now, tell me about yourself." He encourages.
"Uh, I like to read. My favorite color is red and my sister is my best friend. How about you?"
"I love football. Favorite color is blue and I'm challenging the alpha for position this year."
My head snaps his way. "Are you crazy?! He'll kill you." I point out.
"Thanks for the confidence, babe." He jokes and then adds more seriously, "I need to try. I have alpha blood and I want to run this territory."
"He's faster and stronger than anyone. He's never even been taken to the ground." I stress. I know all about Alpha Hall, he's a legend. He took over at eighteen. "How old are you?"
"Oh, I thought I went to school with you."
He smirks. "You kind of do. I coach the football team."
"Couldn't you get in trouble for being out with a student?
"Do you play football?" He asks, smirking clearly already knowing the answer.
"Then it's fine. I can't show you any favoritism or proposition you." He replies with a wink.
We pull off a paved road onto a bumpy trail. Five minutes later Tom stops the truck. I open the door and get out. There are four more trucks parked around us. How many people are going to be here?
I walk over to Marta who is giving me the cold shoulder for some reason. "What's up?" I ask, as we walk through the woods.
"How was your drive?" She whispers.
I shrug. "Fine. Are you mad that I came?"
"No, I'm mad that he only wanted to be with you." She replies, looking at Tom longingly.
"You like him?"
"Oh, yeah. Everyone likes him."
"He's different but he's an idiot. You know he's challenging Lennox, right?"
"Yeah, he told me on the ride here." I state.
"You just called Alpha Hall, Lennox."
"He told me to." I say.
She looks at me stunned. "When?"
"The night of the butt touch." I whisper.
"And you didn't tell me!" She yells. I can't imagine what she'll do when I tell her he wants to claim me.
I shrug. "I didn't know it was a big deal until last night."
"What happened last night?"
I stop walking and whisper in her ear that he's going to claim me on our birthday.
"What!" She screams.
I nod. "I know. I was shocked too." We start walking again and come to the lake with a waterfall. It's beautiful. Marta and I take off our dresses and jump in. The water is slightly cold but not uncomfortable.
"Why'd you ditch me, babe?" Tom asks, swimming over to us.
"Do you know my sister, Marta?" I ask, evading the question.
"Nice to meet you, Marta." He says, shaking her hand. "Are you older then Jocelyn?"
"Yeah, by minutes."
"You're twins?" He asks, looking at me.
I nod in response. "You two are complete opposites." He replies. We get that a lot so we don't say anything.
"Jocelyn Robinson, out of the water!" Beta Holden, yells walking towards us. What the hell?
I lift myself out and walk to the Beta who looks pretty angry. "Are you trying to piss him off?"
"Who? Lennox?"
"Of course."
"God no, I don't want him mad. What'd I do?"
"You left your home with an unmated male for starters." He answers, turning away. "Let's go."
"Wait! Why does she have to go?" Tom asks, getting out of the water and coming towards us.
"Alpha Hall has plans to mark her." He replies, seriously.
"I guess I have more than one reason to challenge him then." He responds, glaring at Beta Holden who chuckles and shakes his head. "You don't want to do that. You and everyone here knows how it will end."
"We'll see. Bye, babe. I'll be seeing you soon."
"Bye. I'll see you at home Marta." She nods. I walk behind him all the way to an beat up old truck. I like it instantly; it reminds me of a ranch truck I used to drive on my grandpa's land.
"Cool truck. Is it a '57 or '59?" He looks at me and raises an eyebrow. "What? Those two years are very similar." I respond defensively.
He laughs. "Are you joking?"
"No, why? You think they're that different? The only thing that's possibly a tell is the tail gate and I didn't see it. My grandpa always said, 'never trust a man with a clean truck, if it's not beat up, he's not a man. I guess I can trust you."
"It's a '57. You know, I didn't understand why everyone was walking around with a hard on for you. Now, I'm starting to see your appeal."
Yuck! "Thanks, I guess."
"You're welcome."
"How mad is he?" I question, nervously.
"Well, he wants to see you so I guess you'll find out soon. He'd never hurt you, you don't have to be so scared of him. He never even yells." He remarks, smirking.
"Yeah, he just looks at you like he's looking through your soul. In my opinion, that's much worse. Sometimes, I want to touch him just to see if he's as cold as he looks."
"He's been Alpha for seven years, it's a lot of pressure. He takes his job seriously."
"Has he always been so serious?"
"His dad raised him. He never had a nice thing to say to Lennox. I think I could count on one hand how many times I've seen him smile or laugh."
"Why does he want me? He should already be mated by now." I state, interested to know the reasoning.
"He doesn't like the reaction he gets from the other females. He's convinced they only want one thing and that's position in the pack. I don't know why he chose you. You'll have to ask him."
"Was he hurt before?"
He looks at me like I'm stupid. "No, he's never been hurt. He's just really good at reading people."
I don't say anything else. I just get lost in my thoughts about Lennox, he really is attractive. I think if he ever smiled I might have more of a reaction to him, but I cant even remember him so much as smirk. He's unreadable and that's what frightening. I never know what he's thinking.
We pull up to Lennox's house and I get out of the truck, realizing I left everything back at the lake, I blush. "I'm not really dressed to go talk to the Alpha."
He smiles and chuckles. "He'll love it. Plus, it will soften him up a bit."
"Yeah, right." I mutter, following him into the house. "Hey, what's your first name?" I ask, noticing I might want to know the name of my shadow.
"Liam." He answers and knocks on a set of double doors before he peaks his head in. "I have your package. I even wrapped it." I hear him say, jokingly.
I scoff. What a jackass.
He turns to me and nods for me to go in. I stick my tongue out at him and walk in. The door closes behind me and I jump already feeling edgy. I keep my head down, everything will be alright.

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