Chapter 4

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Elyza Lex.

I'm not the slightest bit worried about if the group is worrying about. I have stayed out on runs for days they won't even think twice about it.

These people are dirty. Probably been on the road a little while. They sure are stupid though. What kind of idiot just walks out of the woods and asks for help from someone who has a Katana on their back and two shotguns on their waist.

They have been asleep for about a day. I injected them with a sleeping drug.

I know I can't just wait around here all day for them to wake up. I see a dumpster. I walk over and rip the lid off and used a rope to tie the rope to the lid and then from the lid to my bike. I tie both of them to the lid and hop on my bike. 

I don't drive to fast though. I pull into our campsite and all eyes turn toward me.

"Elyza what are you doing?" a older man asks.

"Honestly it's none of your business so get you nose out of my business. Mack."

He shuts up. And everyone else stops staring too. They know not to me with me. I take the two of them into my tent and take the lid off of them. And then I tie them up real tight to a pole.

Then I lay down. Jane is already laying down and is out of it.

Soon I can't stand to keep my eyes open.

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