XXXIV- Being Sincere

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Indianna looked at her reflection in the mirror and ran her fingers through her long dark hair. She was wearing a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a grey crop top with her Timberland's. It was now Saturday evening and she was getting ready with Brooke to go to the carnival.

Brooke seemed absolutely fine on the outside, but Indianna could tell that deep down she was still struggling with what happened. Greyson had pack members searching the town every hour of every day, but there was no sign of the guy who raped Brooke or Rogue.

It was like they had disappeared. They left no trace, no scent and no trail.

It was infuriating.

"You look hot," Brooke smiled and tied her long blonde hair up into a high pony tail. She pulled on a pair of flats and straightened out her denim jacket. "Greyson is going to love it."

"Back at you," Indianna chuckled and grabbed her phone. "Ready?"

"Ready," Brooke nodded and linked her arm through Indianna's. Indianna did notice how Brooke held onto her arm rather tightly, as if she was afraid she'd lose her and be all alone.

Indianna didn't say anything and they made their way out of Indianna's room and down the stairs of the pack house.

The younger pack members that went to school were rushing about trying to get ready for the carnival, but they all smiled and nodded to Indianna and Brooke when they passed. Greyson, Harry and the others were waiting in the kitchen for the girls. Indianna couldn't help but check Greyson out when she saw him.

It amazed her how he could look so good in just a pair of jeans and a black tshirt.

*Thanks,* Greyson chuckled and Indianna looked at Greyson who smirked.

"Jheeze, finally!" Kal exclaimed. "Why do girls take so freaking to get ready?"

"We don't take that long, boys simply get ready too quickly," Brooke shrugged and let go of Indianna and went to Harry, gripping his hand tightly.

"You ready?" Greyson asked Indianna, slipping his hand round her waist and pulling her into his chest. She snuggled further into him, loving the sparks she felt at his touch and nodded.

"Let's go," Indianna said and the group made their way out of the pack house and they all got into a large 7 seater. Greyson drove and Indianna was in the passenger seat with everyone else behind.

The drive to school was short and Indianna gasped when it came into sight. Bright lights covered the usually dull building and she could hear music pounding in the distance. It was dark outside so the colourful lights nearly blinded Indianna because of their brightness. They walked round to the back fields and Indianna grinned when she saw it was covered in rides, roller coasters , sweet stalls and game stalls and well... Fun.

There were people everywhere all grinning, laughing and having a blast.

Greyson looked down at Indianna and sensed her excitement. "You're such a child," he chuckled and shook his head.

"Shut up, I've never been to a carnival before!" Indianna defended herself and grabbed his hand. "Can we explore?"

Greyson rolled his eyes, but smiled and nodded. "Course." He turned to the others. "We'll meet up later?"

"Sure," Kal nodded and Brooke and Harry walked off by themselves, leaving everyone in pairs.

"Where do you want to go first?" Greyson asked, arching an eyebrow at Indianna who's eyes scanned the space in front of her.

"Big wheel?" She said with a sheepish grin and Greyson chuckled.

"Let's go, sugar," he nodded and together the two of them made their way over to the big wheel. There was a small queue for the ride which didn't take that long and soon Indianna and Greyson were seated in a carriage and were making their way up to the stop.

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