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"Luna," Doc said brightly, smiling as Indianna knocked on the infirmary door later that evening. "I assume you are here to see the girl?"

Indianna nodded and entered the infirmary. Her eyes landed on a petite figure laying on a bed, hugging her bed sheets to her chest. "How is she?" Indianna asked softly, noticing the girls fear filled eyes.

"Healing well, but she's terrified," Doc sighed. "I shall leave you two alone. Call me if you need anything."

"Thank you," Indianna nodded and Doc exited the room. "Hello," she said to the girl and walked over to the bed. "I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to talk," Indianna said and pulled a chair up to the bed and sat down. "I'm Indianna and I just want to help you. What's your name?"

The girl looked cautiously at Indianna and blew her long red hair out of her face. "E-Ellie."

"Ellie, do you remember what happened to you?"

"I was a-attacked," she whimpered and cringed when she looked at her wrist.

"Ellie," Indianna said and lifted up her sleeve to show Ellie her scar, "the same person that attacked you attacked me. We're going to get him. He won't get away."

Ellie gasped and sat up in the bed, trying to get a better look at Indianna's wrist. She winced as she did, but it didn't seem to hurt her that much. "The same place?"

"Yes," Indianna murmured. "I have a scar on my stomach also."


"Because he is an evil person. But, Ellie, you don't need to worry about him."

"W-what if he comes back?" Ellie asked hurriedly, her eyes widening in fear. "He might-

"You're safe here," Indianna said surely. "You are in pack territory, he won't be able to get to you."

"No one will? No one will be able to get me?"

"That's right," Indianna nodded. "Wait... Ellie, who else don't you want getting you?"

Ellie gulped and paled. "I-I... Um..."

"You can tell me," Indianna said softly.

"Um... M-my c-c-captor," Ellie whimpered and Indianna gasped.


"I r-ran away from my pack," Ellie explained. "I was 11 and they blamed me for my parents death even though they were killed by rogues. My pack... T-they used to beat me and..." Ellie took and shaky breath and looked at Indianna with tear filled eyes. "I was their slave. I couldn't take it any longer so I ran away, but I was k-kidnapped. He used to beat me, just like my old pack. He also used to s-sexually ab-abuse me."

"Oh my," Indianna gasped. "How did you get away?"

"One day he forget to chain me up properly so I ran. He had kept me prisoner for 2 years so I guess he slipped up and I got away. He was chasing after me in the woods when I was attacked."

"You're only 13? You're so young and so many terrible things have happened to you," Indianna gasped. "Ellie, I promise I will let nothing bad happen to you. You are safe here and you will never be treated badly again in your life. I promise."

"S-so I can stay h-here?" Ellie asked, a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

"Of course."

"But don't you need the Alpha's permission."

*You've got it,* Greyson said. *Give the girl whatever she wants, she's more than welcome to stay.*

"Greyson is fine with you staying here," Indianna smiled. "Even if he wasn't I wouldn't dare let you leave alone. You are welcome to stay here for however long you want."

Ellie looked at Indianna and a tear slipped down her cheek. "T-thank you."

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