XXXII- Poor Brooke

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"Indianna!" Indianna was stopped in the hallway by Stacy who had a huge smile on her face. "I've not seen you in a while, how are you, Indie?" She asked.

"Good, thanks. You?"

"Great, I'm so excited for the carnival!" She squealed and Indianna frowned.


"Yeah, the school throws one every year. It's this weekend!"


"You didn't know?" Stacy gasped.

"Obviously not."

"Oh my gosh, have you been living under a rock?" She said dramatically and handed Indianna a colourful flyer. "All the information is on that."

"Thanks," Indianna nodded, her mind trying to think of the nearest bin to throw the flyer in.

"Us cheerleaders are running the kissing booth," Stacy laughed. "You should totally come."

"To the kissing booth?"

"No, silly," Stacy shook her head. "To the carnival. It'll be fun!"

"I'll think about it."

"I'm pretty sure you can persuade Greyson to go. You seem pretty close, you're wearing his clothes," Stacy commented, looking at Indianna's jumper.

"Oh... Yeah. I had no clothes at his house-"

"You stayed round his!" Stacy exclaimed and grinned, winking at Indianna. "Did you do the dirty?"

"No!" Indianna blushed. "It was an uneventful night."

If only Stacy knew...

Stacy laughed and patted Indianna on the shoulder. "I've got to go, it was nice talking to you again. I still don't trust Greyson, so just be careful, okay? You two may look cute and seem close, but I feel like he's just going to mess you around."

Indianna nodded and Stacy air kissed Indianna before turning round and walking off. Indianna rolled her eyes and crumpled the flyer up in her hand and headed for the staircase, making her way to the library. When she walked in she saw Brooke sitting at a desk by herself.


"Brooke," Indianna said, sliding into the seat next to her. "What's wrong?"

Brooke's head snapped up to Indianna and she sniffed, rubbing her puffy eyes. "N-nothing, Hun."

"Tell me," Indianna said softly. "You're always helping me and giving me advice, let me help you."

"I-I," Brooke gulped and her shaky hand grabbed Indianna's. "I haven't even told Harry, I've been avoiding him since last night."

"Last night? What happened last night, Brooke?"

Brooke looked up at Indianna with tear filled eyes and she burst out crying again. "I.."

Indianna's heart broke. Brooke was always the happy one. It was heartbreaking to see her upset. Indianna hugged Brooke and let her cry into her chest. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want too-"

"No," Brooke sobbed and pulled away. "I n-need to tell someone."

"Take your time."

"L-last night after I finished my shift at work I started to walk home. It was late and dark so," she gulped and squeezed her eyes shut, "I didn't see the person before it was too late. He shoved me up against a wall and that's when I saw h-his face. It was the guy who r-raped me."

Indianna gasped in shock and Brooke whimpered. "Oh, Brooke," Indianna whispered.

"That's not it," Brooke whimpered. "Indie, he did it again. He r-raped me a-again." Indianna stared at Brooke in pure horror as she broke down crying again. She didn't know what to say so she just hugged Brooke and told her it was going to be alright.

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