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They walked into Sam and Emily's house hand in hand. The pack was sitting at the table and she leaned on a wall and waited. Jake looked over at her and she nodded encouragingly. They each took seats and Jacob called Sam's attention. 

"So, would it be alright if we made a visit to the Cullen's?" 

"We?" Sharp ears. 

"Me. . . and Jean." 

"What?" Embry demanded from his seat, His mouth full of pancakes. 

"I just wanted to know. They need someone to watch Renesmee and Edward came by this morning-" 

"He crossed the line?" Sam demanded. 

"It's nothing now, right? The treaty's dead, Sam. I left the pack, we crossed, we fought, I joined back, the Cullen's stayed. No big deal. We're going." He said, but not angrily. Just prooving his point. Sam nodded uncertaintly, but agreeing. 

"Jean-" Embry started. She turned around to face him. "Be careful" 
"I always am." Quil, Paul, and Jared laughed. "Sometimes." She shrugged a shoulder before leaving. 

"Jean!" He called out exasperatly. 

"Bye, dearest darlingest brother!" She called over her shoulder, blowing a kiss at him. She heard his groan in response. 

"So if Embry is dearest darlingest, what am I?" Jacob asked slyly once they were in the Rabbit once more. 

"My Hunky BF." She said simply. 

"That could work." 

"Nope, you are and always will be Jakey to me." 

"Alright, fine by me." He grinned over at her and she smiled back. 

"Are you sure you're okay?" She asked quietly. 

"What'd you mean?" 

"Vampires, stench, past. . . Bella." She listed. 

"Are you worried about me falling in love with Bella again, whisking her off her feet, and leaving you out to dry?" 

"Yes." She admitted. 

"Never, ever, ever think that, Jean." He said looking straight in her eyes, forgetting the road. 

"The road." She pointed to a tree they were about to crash into. 

"What?" He asked. 

"The road! A tree! Turn, Jake, turn!!" She screamed. He swerved away just in time and pulled perfectly into the Cullen's driveway. 

"I'm an expert." 

"Shocked you got your driver's license." She murmured. 

"You'll pay for that later." 

"Oh, will I?" She asked. 

"Yep." They grinned over at eachother before walking up to the house. She'd heard everything about the Cullen's. What they were, what they did, how they did it, and everything in between. She took a deep breath and once she saw the tall one she saw earlier- Edward- she closed out her mind. She started reciting lyrics to random songs in her head, Something by Escape the Fate. 

She saw his eyebrows raise slightly and he half-smiled before looking to Jacob. 

"You brought her well-prepared." He said. 

"What'd you mean?" Jacob asked. 

"Her mind," He said simply. "You know all about us then?" 

"Yep." She said shortly continuing on to the ref. 

"What are you thinking?" Jake whispered in her ear once Edward left to get Bella. 

"And now you wish that you met someone, and now you wish you meant something to someone else." She sang under her breath and he laughed and grinned. 

"Jacob?" A high, very beautiful voice called out in surprise. 

"Hi, Bella," He said shortly waving. But she had leaped on him in a hug. He stood with his arms apart in surprise. Jean backed up to across him and nodded her head encouragingly. He looked solemn, but put his arms around her and patted her back. She hadn't realized she'd backed up to where Edward was standing. 

"I know how you feel." He said sympathetically. 

"When Jacob still loved her?" She asked softly. 



"You're smart." 

"I like to think so." He gave a small laugh, she smiled lightly back. Bella had finally pulled away from her boyfriend. 

"Hi, I'm Bella-" She said extending her pale hand. Jean took it and shook it breifly before dropping it. 

"I'm Jean." She said with the same light smile. 

"Jake's friend?" She assumed. 

"No, my girlfriend. I imprinted on her." Jake spoke up as he walked to stand beside 

"Oh- oh." She said. Dawn breaks on marble head. "That's fantastic Jake. Nice to meet you, Jean." 

"You too." Jake looked down at her and smirked. 

"Thanks so much for doing this, you're really great. I'm sorry, too." She said shyly. Yeah, real sorry- whoops. She thought and her eyes darted to Edward's sudden stiff but then softened expression. Yep, he heard it. Is being a vampire cool? He gave a small nod. Wicked. He half-smiled at her enthusiasm. She smiled back. 

Can you read Jake's mind? Another nod. And Bella's? A shake of his head. Why not? A shrug. Where's Renesme? He jerked his head to the kitchen. Eating? Does she have food or- or- b-blood? Nod. Ah, both. Another nod. Am I annoying you? She couldn't hide her smirk, and he looked over to Bella and Jacob once again but gave a slight shake of his head. That's a first. He smiled a little wider. 

"Now that you're here, thanks again, I'll get Renesme." Bella said before gliding- yes, gliding- to the kitchen. She came out, a very cute girl who looked to be around four or so. She was probably only one though. She had light brown curls cascading to her waist and she resembled Edward and Bella both. She was very pretty. 

"Hi, Jacob." She said in a cute, soprano voice. 

"Hey, Nessie." He smiled down at her and she smiled up at him. 

"Mummy, who's that?" She whispered tugging on the bottom of Bella's skirt. 

"I'm Jean," She said crouching down to Renesme's level. "You must be Renesme." 

"Yes, I am." She said with another cute smile. 

"Nice to meet you." She picked herself up and Jacob beckoned Renesme foward. He brought her out to the Rabbit, and she stayed behind. How the Hell were you supposed to take care of a half-vampire-half-human child??? 

"It's easy. She eats regular food, and we'll be back tomorrow, so she won't need any blood." Edward answered through her mind. 

"Right, what about bedtimes? Or does she not sleep?" She was more confused than ever. 

"She usually goes to bed seven or eight, whichever you think. Here's her bag." Bella extended a bright pink backpack with small straps. She smiled at them, waved, and skipped outside to the car. Renesme had taken a seat in the middle of her and Jake, straped up in a seatbelt. She looked so small compared to Jacob. She grinned over at him. 

"Can I show you something?" Renesmee asked her once she straped herself in. Jean nodded and watched as Renesme reached her hand up to her cheek. She was stunned, all these things whirring before her eyes. There was Bella, as a sick human- as a glowing vampire. Edward. Some more vampires, who she guessed as the rest of the Cullen's. Jake, in wolf-form and in human-form. Hunting, the Volturi, a big clearing. 

She was snapped back against her seat as Renesmee took her hand away and she gasped and looked over at Jake then at the little girl, then at Jake again. More expectantly, though. 

"Did I mention she could show you memories she had?" He grinned. 

"No, it didn't come up," She mumbled. "Well, now I know alot more, thanks." 

"You're welcome." Renesmee chirped, and she smiled. She hoped that if she and Jacob ever had a baby it would be as sweet and shy as this little girl. But she'd want it to look like Jacob. Maybe just a little of her, though. . . 

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