the boy next door

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Y/N: your name
F/C: fave colour
H/C : hair colour
E/C : eye colour

Your P.O.V

I was sat in my room listening to fall out boy when my phone vibrated katelyn had text me

(K=katelyn,Y= you)

K: hey Y/N

Y: hey kate wassup?

K: oh nothing much me and aph are just meeting the guys at their house they said you can come if ya want

Y: yeah sounds fun, seeya in ten

K: okay, seeya bestie xx

Y: xx
~end of convo~

I grabbed my f/C hoodie and ran out the door locking it behind me I ran across the street to the guys house screeching to a halt outside the door I put on a bright smile and rang the doorbell.

??? P.O.V

I had just moved into the dante, laurance and garroths house, they had invited their freinds over apparently they were really cute girls. The doorbell rang " I'LL GET IT" I shouted, I opened the door to a cute h/c and e/c girl around my age "hey!" She said "urhm, im Y/N and who are you?" She asked.

Y/N p.o.v

"T-travis" the boy replied im a mind of his own all of a sudden a familiar head of blue hair appeared behind him "hey, Y/N I see you met our new roomie Travis" he said smiling kindly to me  "oh, hey dante, yes I believe I have, oh by the way wasnt your sister supposed to be here" I asked walking in after the two guys "yeah, lizzie is here she is playing against laurance on Call of duty" after he said that I heard a loud "I WIN" from across the room coming from none other than my other bestie lizzie (me btw) once again winning at all things someone challenged her to a defeated laurance sat next to her  " aaaw cute " I said Dante gave me a glare "no my sister... Just no" he said as I laughed sitting next to Travis who kept on giving me winks and smirks.

Hey guys Liz here so Im really into X readers right now so I thought Id do one Yes im in it so deal wus it! Haha im only joking dont hate me plz anyhoo next chapter out soon - lizzie

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