8-JAMES~ Prepared

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I set my journal back down on my bed. I tried writing in it again, but I am distracted. The daughter of Daredevil...we aren't the only ones... Perhaps there are more children of heroes. I had considered the possibility before, but it had never become a reality. It isn't like I can do anything about it now...  Sure, I met the X-Men, but I'd never met anyone like me other than Francis, Torrun, Azari, and Henry.

I really hate being confined. I want to go out and live my life. It is such a waste for me to be stuck in here. I tuck my journal underneath the covers so that Henry and Azari don't find it and then I leave my room.

I am now dressed in a tank-top and shorts so that I can do my routine exercise. I grab my gloves and slip them on to protect my hands when I use the punching bag. Azari never looks up at me as he reads a newspaper from a couch. Henry continues working at his laptop. Everybody is at work with a purpose....except for me....

"Anybody want to spar?"

Azari folds the newspaper up and sets it beside him.

"Sure. I'll give you a couple rounds."

Just as he finishes speaking the door to our "cells" slides open and Petra walks in. She has traded in her clunky Docs for a pair of dainty gold high heels. She has a short black dress with gold accents on. In her hand is a tote bag that she drops onto the floor.

"You boys busy?"

Henry completely ignores her and Azari only gives her a glance standing to face her.

"I was just asking them if they wanted to spar with me."

Petra's face lights up at my words. She seems a bit excited and a grin spreads across her face.

"I could spar with you."

I can't tell if she is being serious. She is dressed all nice and has even done her hair and makeup. I don't want to mess it up.

"No. It's okay. Azari already volunteered."

She rolls her eyes and examines my face.

"Its how I'm dressed. Isn't it?"

"No..." I lie.

I can tell by her facial expression that she sees straight through my attempt at avoiding her question. She smirks and

"You are a terrible liar, Rogers."

"Tell us something we didn't already know." Azari comments.

"You are wearing a dress an-"

"Just because I am wearing a dress and high heels does not mean that I won't beat the stuffing out of you."

"I believe that was a challenge." Azari observes.

"Though I would love to show off my skills and see you in action....unfortunately, that's not why I came here."

Azari seems quite intrigued. I cross my arms and try to not get agitated.

"What was your purpose in coming?" Azari questions.

"We are going out to dinner!"

Petra claps her hands together and looks at us expectantly.


Petra interrupts me mid-sentence.

"I was able to pull some strings. Actually it took a lot of strings, but lucky for you guys I am a puppet master. I was able to convince Nicky to let me get you out of here. I know this really nice Italian Bistro down the road. The deal is that you have to wear a tracker, but that is a small price to pay for garlic bread."

Did she really just call Nick Fury "Nicky"? I can't believe she did this for us. I mean it is kind and all, but she must have some kind of ulterior motive. By now Henry has perked up and is listening in on our conversation.

"Dinner sounds good" he throws his opinion into the mix.

Petra kicks the bag she brought with her towards us.

"I brought you some new clothes. You guys need to put yourselves together. I refuse to be seen in the company of a bunch of unkept teenage boys. Besides, it is a nice restaurant."

I unzip the bag and to my surprise see a maroon purse sitting on top of a stack of folded clothing. I lift it out and show it to her.

"I don't think any of us have a use for this..."

"Oh yeah. That's mine I didn't feel like carrying it in addition to the tote. Could you toss it here?"

I throw it to her and she catches it with ease.

"Black is for Azari. Yellow is for Henry. And the blue one is for James."

I'm confused, what is she talking about? Oh. I look down in the bag and see three different dress shirts still in their packages. I pass the black one to Azari and chuck the muted yellow one at Pym. Down in the bottom of the bag I see dress pants, shoes, socks, and belts. She sure came prepared...

"Where did you get all this?" Pym asks.

Petra shrugs and nonchalantly answers the question.

"Whenever I need something I just raid the S.H.I.E.L.D. supply...they have tons of stuff like this for disguises. Since I pretty much live here I consider it my own personal clothing store."

She lives here? Why would she want to stay here? I pull the rest of the apparel I will need from the bag and start to walk towards my room.

"I'm going to change."

I don't hear their responses because I have already slammed the door shut behind me. I quickly change into the new clothes and pull the dress shoes onto my feet. Boy these are stiff...Because the shoes are brand new the leather is not supple and soft. I take a quick look in the mirror to make sure my clothing is in order. I don't look like myself... My hair is longer than usual and a bit shaggy. I have the beginnings of a beard and I have bags under my eyes that just call for attention. It took an outing to make me realize just how much I have let myself go.... I resolve to put myself back together after I get back from this "dinner." I leave the mirror with a feeling of insecurity and pull my door open. Henry, Petra, and Azari are waiting in the living room.

"Wait till you guys see my ride."

Whew....this was a long chapter! And I fear the next chapter may be longer still! (: Just a heads up, it will probably be James again-I've been in the mood to write in his POV lately.

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