Chapter 2

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Andy opened the door to a nice house in a decent neighbourhood. I quickly followed him up the stairs to a corridor with endless doorways to rooms. He opened the door to a room right at the end of the corridor.
"I know this isn't great but we'll try best to make it more homely. You're our first kid. We got you some stuff too." Andy said. He pulled open a drawer and got out an iPad and an iPhone with a couple of phone cases.
"We've set them up all ready. I put some money on the account and downloaded some games already. I didn't get any music in case you didn't like it. Choose whatever phone case you want. We bought a laptop too but I don't remember where I put it. I think it's in the wardrobe. Give me a minute." Andy said. He gave me the phone and the iPad before disappearing into the walk in closet. I glanced around the room. It was cosy. It wasn't huge but it wasn't extremely tiny like my room at the adoption centre. There was an Apple Mac set up on the desk and the bed was neatly made with black and white striped covers. Stationery was neatly put on the desk. The walls were painted completely white which made the room seem spacious. It seemed perfect. I felt bad for how much they had already done for me. Andy came out the closet with a black iMac with a neat red bow around it. He handed it to me.
"I set up an email for you. Everything else you need we can go shopping for in the next couple of days. I don't think you have any towels or shampoo. It's okay, I'll find you some. I think that's everything." Andy continued.
"Why didn't you sign the papers?" I interrupted.
"I'm 25. I've been desperate for a kid. I'm just not there to be a legal father. Anyway I'll be more of a dad than Jinxx. He's really irresponsible but he's great. I've heard from my friends in 5 seconds of summer that when they adopted a kid it was the best thing that ever happened. I met Beth once at her 16th birthday about a six months ago. It was a shame what happened to her. Nice kid. I'm just glad I've got these guys because I couldn't do it on my own." He explained.
"You don't need to spoil me even if I'm your kid." I said.
"You deserve this stuff trust me. You spent five years in that home and I don't know what happened before that. This is the best we could do so far." Andy said.
"Who do I call dad?" I asked.
"You don't have to call any of us dad and if you do only say it when you're ready. Jinxx is the only one who is your dad. The rest of us are more like brothers."Andy said. I nodded.
"Where's my stuff?" I asked.
"The others should have brought it up." Andy replied. He opened the door to find my bag, skateboard and guitar dumped outside my room. I put down my new stuff down on a chest of drawers.
"Tell the others to not touch my skateboard again otherwise they will have their balls for eyes." I said sweetly as I picked up my stuff.
"I'm not sure if they even have balls yet. Do you want some help?" Andy asked.
"No I'm fine but thank you for asking." I said.
"Dinner in an hour okay? I'll leave you to settle in." Andy said. Andy smiled before he left my room. I closed the door and opened up my bag. I hung up the t-shirts and put anything else in the drawers. My other shoes went in the bottom of my closet. It didn't take too long.
I picked up my new phone and the cases. I ended up going for a studded black one. When I looked at how much money had been put on my account I didn't think it would be that much. It was a few hundred dollars. I wasn't going to argue with it since they were just trying to be nice to me. I downloaded all my favourite albums and songs. I leapt onto my bed. God it was comfy. I looked at the time. 25 minutes. Did I have to spend a whole hour in this room? It's quite lonely and I'm the only girl in the house. Such an unfair ratio.
I went downstairs and found the living room. CC was on his phone. Jake and Ashley were playing video games.
"I'm bored. Where are the other two?" I asked.
"Getting dinner. They're getting pizza. I hope that's okay." CC replied.
"To cure your boredom why don't we play truth or dare?" Jake offered. Ashley turned off the console and they put their controllers down.
"Since your new here Spencer truth or dare?" Ashley asked.
"Truth." I said.
"Who's your favourite in the band?" Jake asked.
"Andy without a doubt but Ash is quite close." I answered.
"Really? I saw you more of a CC girl." Ashley said.
"Are we playing or not?" I asked.
"Jake truth or dare?" CC asked. The front door opened and slammed shut.
"We have pizza!" Andy yelled.
"We're playing truth or dare. Bring food." I replied. Jinxx and Andy burst into the room. Andy placed pizza on the table.
"What's been revealed so far?" Jinxx asked.
"We were just asking Jake but Spencer said that Andy is her favourite and Ash is quite close." CC said.
"Can I have my turn now?" Jake asked.
"Truth or dare?" Andy asked as he picked up a piece of pizza.
"Dare." Jake replied.
"I dare you let one of us write something on your forehead." I blurted out.
"I want you to write something on my head Spencer. You're the most innocent." Jake said.
"Pfft innocent? Bullshit. You've chosen me now so you can back out." I said. Jinxx handed me a marker.
"Hold your fringe up." I demanded. Jake moved his fringe out his face. I wrote penis in big block letters across his forehead.
"What is it?" Jake asked.
"Penis." Ash replied.
"You've got to be kidding." Jake scoffed.
"Moving on. Andy, truth or dare?" I asked.
"Dare." Andy replied.
"I dare you to make out with.... Spencer." Jake said. I almost choked on my piece of pizza. Andy moved up next to me. He leant in and before I knew it his lips were pressed against mine. His arm wrapped my waist. I gave in and kissed back. My hand ran through his hair. He was so gentle.
"Who's getting the d tonight then?" Ashley asked. We pulled away and looked at him. I rolled my eyes.
"Where's the vodka?" I asked.
"There's some in the cupboard. I'll go get it." Jake said. He got up and went over to the kitchen. He grabbed shot glasses and the vodka. Andy cleared a space on the table for it. Jake poured out the shots. We all grabbed a shot and downed it before continuing with the game.

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