Chapter 2.

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"Remember me?" the voice in his head asked.

The voice, which had been near him for almost ten years, had begun to fade.

"Remember me?" it said again, more desperate.

He searched and searched in his head after a memory, but couldn't find anything.

All he knew was that he knew this voice better than he knew himself.

The voice cried, it hurt his chest when the voice cried. It was crying because it was broken, it would never speak again.

Suddenly he remembered. The images rushed in front of his eyes, one by one, he remembered everything, and when he realized what a monster he had been, he fell to the floor, crying silently, like the voice in his head.

"You remember now, aren't you?" the voice asked. "Do you remember now?"
"I remember now" he replied quietly. "I remember, Tyler. I remember."

The day sped by, as Sarah stressingly rushed from room to room. When it finally was time for her lunch break, she was so tired that she fell asleep on the couch in the staff room. 

But she didn't get to sleepfor long, after ten minutes she was awoken by the door being opened. In came Mrs. Hill, Sarah's boss, the most toxic woman in Ohio.

"Why are you sleeping, while we are working our butts off?"

She suddenly stood across from Sarah, and she didn't look all that happy.

"But I have a lunch break for half an hour" Sara said in surprise.
"So you're saying that we here in RMH, the best hospital in the city, who are expected to risk our lives for the patients, will allow a lunch break to interrupt the ability to save lives?"

"That was not what I meant, Mrs. Hill ... " Sarah begun, but was interrupted.

"I have booked an appointment for you with a patient that I want you to spend some extra time with. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday. If you get along well, I can even consider putting you on the case."

Sarah was filled with happiness. Her first real patient! She knew that it would be great.

She followed Mrs. Hill to the room where her very first patient lived. Before Mrs. Hill opened the door, she handed over the chart.

"I want you to read this before you meet him, she said. It's important to know all the details, you don't want to step on any toes."

The journal didn't say much, the only thing that stood there was that he, when he was admitted into the hospital, was very drowsy and broken. He hadn't talked at all since then, and they where guessing that he was around thirty years old.

"Doesn't he have a name?" she asked Mrs. Hill.

"He barely speaks, and when he arrived, there was no papers at all on him, so we know nothing. But we call him Tyler, because that's the name he use to scream when he's dreaming. We assumed that the name must have some sort of connection to him, and since it's the only thing we have ever received from him it had to be so for now."

Mrs. Hill gently opened the door and looked inside, as if to assure herself that all was in order, and then let Sarah enter.

"Tyler" she said with a gentle voice. "Tyler, this is Sarah Hoffman, she is a therapist at the hospital. She would like to talk to you, if that's okay?"

The man, Tyler, didn't answer. He just sat on his chair in his hospital gown and looked out the window.

Outside the window was a beautiful raven, black as the night. 

Tyler didn't release the raven with his eyes, the only sign that he was alive, was his eyes following the bird.

"I'll leave you here for a while" Mrs. Hill said and walked towards the door. "Page me if you need me."

When Mrs. Hill closed the door behind her Sarah took a deep breath and walked cautiously up to Tyler.

 She pulled out a chair and sat down beside him, so she could see his profile.

Suddenly she felt as if someone had poured ice cold water on her.

She studied the face for a long time. A face that she in her younger years, spent long nights studying.

"I'll be back in a moment" she whispered, and hurried out of the room.

Once outside she saw Mrs. Hill who stood at the front desk.

"I know who he is!" Sarah exclaimed, and almost scared the life out of her boss as she appeared.

"What do you mean? Why didn't you page me?"

"I know who the man is!" Sarah was so excited that she couldn't stand still.

"What do you mean by that? Has he spoken to you? It's impossible! He hasn't said a word since he got here."

"No he hasn't, but I recognize him. I know who he is!"

Mrs. Hill looked at Sarah as if she were crazy, and if she hadn't known better herself, she would think she was.

Mrs. Hill didn't answer, but looked very surprised, as Sarah continued.

"My patient is not Tyler. He is Joshua Dun."

"Josh...?" Sarah sat down carefully on the chair where she sat before.

Josh didn't react at all when she said his real name, and for a moment Sarah was afraid she had been wrong. But then she saw his tattoo. It was him.

Sarah shivered when she thought about it. No wonder he was ill-treated when they spoke to him with the name Tyler. She couldn't even imagine how it would feel for him.

"Josh" she said again with a more secure voice. "Do you recognize the nameJosh? It's your name, your name is Josh."

For a moment, Josh dropped his eyes from the raven which still sat on his bough outside the window, and lowered it down to the window sill. A second later his eyes were fixed on the raven again.

It was a reaction anyway, Sara thought and was proud. She had reached to him.

"I'll leave you alone now, Josh" she said as calmly as she could. "I'll come back later and check on you, okay?"

She reached out to touch his shoulder, but stopped at the last second. He doesn't need more shocks now, she thought.

Before she closed the door, she stood for a long time and watched his back where he sat staring out the window.

Poor Josh, she thought. What happened to you?

Suddenly she felt something landing on her shoulders.'

A responsibility.

"I will help you to find yourself again" she whispered, then she closed the door.

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