chapter 3

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‘I want him to kill me.’

He won’t kill you; I won’t let him lay a finger on you.’

‘He already promised me.’ Arlene had been arguing with me for an hour now. She said she wouldn’t let me kill myself and I told her I wasn’t the one doing the killing. She had glared at Nissassa which had resulted in him fleeing from the room mumbling about crazy old ladies.

‘Amvipre you have your whole life a head of you, what possible reason would you have for ending it now. You know if you go back home you can take the crown and make a new beginning for your people. You know they’re not all monsters.’

‘They are all monsters. I have been a live for more than three times the length of your life. I have lived enough; I want to be able to lie in peace. I want to be rid of all the pain that I have been carrying. I can’t rule that kingdom, I haven’t even been able to step foot in the mythical lands since they killed him. I have been walking this world alone for far too long and it’s all because of them.’

‘Ami I know it hurt you but my brother would hate to see you like this. You know you couldn’t have lived with him forever; he would have died eventually.’

‘He asked me to change him.’

‘Oh Ami please tell me he didn’t!’

‘I said no. I wouldn’t change him when he wanted to be with me forever. If I had of just change him he’d be here today but I thought by changing him he would truly end up hating me.  I thought I loved him to enough to be able to let him go. I didn’t want a life like mine for him. He never stopped trying to change my mind.’

I knew in away I was hurting her. As much as Arlene tried to believe that some of my kind were innocent deep inside her she knew that we were all dangerous. I watched a tear slide down her face as she realised he was ready to give her up for me. He was ready to abandon his family and all there believes for me; the princess of darkness.

‘Arlene I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have told you.’

‘I’m going to rest now but just...just don’t leave.’ I watched as she got out of the chair and slowly walked out of the room leaving me on my own.  She couldn’t hide her shaking body from me and I knew as soon as she closed her door a river of tears would fall from her face.

I sat in the room on my own for a further thirty minutes but then I smelt something delicious from the kitchen. It smelt like vanilla and strawberries. I pushed my hair out of my face before making my way towards what I presumed was the kitchen. As I went through the hallway I saw many picture frames, they held many images that portrayed not Arlene growing older but other family members. I spotted an image of a small baby and it reminded me so much of my little girl.

‘That was my mum.’ I heard Nissassa whisper. I merely nodded in acknowledgment of the words he had spoken.

‘I’m guessing it was you baking then.’

‘How did you know?’

‘I smelt it.’  He led me into the kitchen where I saw over a dozen muffins. I snatched one up before looking over to see if it was okay if I took it. He merely nodded in response. I bit into it and felt the sweet bliss of chocolate melting in my mouth.

‘You’re a very good baker,’ I looked over at him and saw that he was still staring between me and the muffin. ‘I’m different, I love human food.’

‘Can I ask you something?’ Nissassa quizzed.

‘You already did but sure ask away, I have all the time in the world.’

‘I was always told that vampires needed to be killed because they were dangerous and didn’t have a soul yet you loved a human, why?’

‘I’m not sure. I call myself a monster but every vampire does have a soul, however some are just tainted beyond repair. If I can’t get them to be reborn it means that I have to kill them and that is the only time I believe death is right.’

‘Yet you want to die. Don’t you have any family that you love enough to stay and fight for?’

As far as I was concerned my family was no longer my family. I had no one left because of those heartless creatures.

‘She has me.’

‘Gran, I though you were resting.’

‘Amvipre it was my brothers decision for you to become part of this family. I know now that his love for you could only be broken by his death. He would have married you if he had the chance. He would have started a family.’ I flinched back at the word family, I though about my little angel. ‘Amvipre you will always be my best friend and I want to spend as much time with you as possible before I move on.’  

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