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The first thing we did was check on the boat's progress. It was going along good, but slow. Booker was a speedy person, but he took great care in repairing his greatest creation. Nick gave us a wave and tried to talk to us for a while, but Nick's pessimistic daydreams irritated Booker and the old man made Nick do little tasks to keep his mind off of his daydreams.

We passed by the small market on the edge of Tilt Village, saying we'd come back to get something for lunch at one of the stands. As of yet, I'd like to snoop about in the mansion. The supply of books were sure to be useful! If not, then I might as well spend a day buring my nose in a good book.

We had just made it through the front door of the mansion when a little grey Duskull floated up to me with tons of enthusiasm. It took me a moment to realize that this was the same Duskull that led me through the maze of a garden and also helped me save Evelyn.

Evelyn remembered Duskull immediately and hopped around with more energy than I'd seen her have in a while. The Duskull circled around m happily before darting off down a corridor that branched out from the main foyer.

"C'mon, let's go in!" I said, excitedly.

"It's a big, creepy mansion and ghost Pokemon just laying about..." Ben stuck a thumb in Duskull's direction. "A Duskull literally came up to us as if to say 'How's it hanging?'" He took a large whiff of the air. "It's dusty and it smells like something died in there. And, judging by how rundown and dusty this place is, I don't think I'm that far off from the truth." He started, listing stuff on his fingers. "Big and abandoned. Your typical horror house. And you say 'Oh, yes! Let's definitely go into this stereotypical haunted murder-ghost house'."

I was shocked, to say the least. I like this place. Sure, it could use some cleaning and floorboards needed to be replaced, but it was a nice remote place with an ocean view on one side and a giant garden on the other. Not to mention the history this place has!

Hearing Ben badmouthing it, I felt slightly bitter. I opened my mouth to tell him just how special this place was, but he started chuckling.

"That being said," Ben began walking in, taking a look around. "You sure know how pick 'em, don't you? Let me guess... The door slams shut behind you?"

I walked in and the door automatically slammed close. And all the lights were off. This didn't happen last time! The door was closed, but the lights were always on! I clung onto where I knew Ben was. I let out a little choked squeal. I hated the dark. At least I have someone to hold onto this time. Murph didn't count because he was freaking out more than I was.

"The door slammed closed! Who would've guessed that? Certainly not me." He sarcastically continued. "Next I suppose the lights will flicker on."

But the lights never came back on.

"Wow! This sure is making me shake in my boots!" Ben joked.

I hit him on the shoulder. "Quit it, Ben! Let's just keep going." I said in a small voice. I was looking all around and slipped my free arm under my scarf and gripped onto the blue stone necklace that my sister gave me, rubbing the smooth surface against my thumb.

Why was I freaking out now? I didn't freak out that badly at the ruins. Why am I doing it in this mansion, then? I wasn't scared of the mansion by any stretch of the imagination, but the dark? That was a whole 'nother ball game.

He looked over, noticing my sudden change in behavior. Looking ahead, he slipped the arm I was clutching out of my grasp and slipped his hand into mine. "It's okay, Summer. You said you've been here, right? Then why don't we take baby steps?"

I nodded my head in agreement, not that he could really see it. That's when I heard whispers surrounding us.

"Was this how that book went?" One voice said quietly.

"Big, dilapidated house full of ghost Pokemon... And two teenagers... Yup."

"Then why aren't they kissing like in the book?"

"Maybe we have to scare them more?"

I was snapped out of my fear-induced state and glared into the darkness where the voices were.

"Wait... Are you trying to reenact a scene from a trashy horror novel?!" I screeched, my face starting to go red from embarrassment.

Ben whipped around to face me. "Wait, what?"

"Ooh, busted."

"SCATTER!" One exclaimed.

The lights flickered on. I gave a large sigh of relief. Now that it was over, I gave a small laugh. What the hell just even happened?

"Let's go track down Duskull, then!" I said, as if the last five minutes didn't happen.

I dragged Ben behind me since we still had our hands laced together. We finally found him in the big kitchen. "This place is in a pretty good condition. Considering the fact that this place has been abandoned for about... Fifty years?" Ben asked, looking at me for confirmation.

"Give or take." I said with a shrug.

"But you know what? I bet this place would be a real gem if it was fixed up." Ben said. Then he looked as if he had an idea. "Hey, Duskull, where do you keep the cleaning supplies?"

Well, it looks like ya'll get two updates within the span of a week. Special shoutout to @KandaceDaigle for leaving such funny and cute remarks on my story! Recently, I've been getting more reviews and loves and it makes my heart swell whenever I see something like that. Needless to say, I find it only fair to shoutout to them because they've been supporting me and encouraging me.

I'm so happy that I don't know what to say! Somebody even used my username as a tag on here and it filled me with such glee. I'm actually sort of popular! (Not really, but a girl can dream.)

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