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You are one of the "popular" girls at school not because you are cool, smart or pretty not that you aren't cool, smart or pretty but because you are nice

You are nice to everyone even people you hate or people that hate you

But because you're nice, likeable and pretty You attracted so many guys
Everybody loved you the school's little princess as they call you

You didn't have an eye for anyone except Dongsung

But what you didn't know was he liked you back but was too scared to confess

-In History Class-
"Okay everybody I'm going to give out your next assessment task and you are going to do it in pairs" Your teacher announced as soon as he walked in the classroom

His announcement made everyone start shouting "I wanna pair up with [y/n]"
"Sir let me be with [y/n]"

You snuck glaneds over at Dongsung hoping he too would start asking to be your partner and as if the gods heard your prayer the teacher silenced the class and said "Since you're all acting like that [y/n] will be paired up with" He looked around the room trying to find someone to pair up with you "Ahh Seo Dongsung, Mr.Seo Dongsung will be with Ms. [y/l/n]"

You looked at Dongsung and shyly waved at him "Hi Dongsung I guess I'll be your partner" You then smiled at him and he looked down blushing a bit "Y-yeah it seems so"

You smiled and faced the front
Was he blushing?
Did he blush because of me?
No no I'm probably just seeing things

The teacher continued putting everyone in pairs which magically took up the whole lesson

-At the end of school-
"[y/n]!" You turned around noticing a familiar face "Yes?" You replied simply hoping you don't crack into a big smile
"Tomorrow... can we start working on our History assignment... I kinda don't like doing things last minute" He scratched the back of his nervously waiting for your answer "Sure, Oh can we exchange phone numbers so I can tell you my address later?" He nodded and pulled out his phone
You put your phone number in his and he did the same for yours

-The next day-
Oh my gosh...
What should I wear???
Wait... this isn't a date I shouldn't be worrying about what to wear
But he is my crush... I have to look good
NO! snap out of it [y/n] just wear casual clothes

You finally ended up putting on some shorts and a sweater

You grabbed your stuff and shoved it in your bag then ran down stairs to get something to eat

Ding Dong
The door bell rang so you opened it revealing Dongsung "Hi [y/n]" He stared at you with a small smile on his face You smiled back and without realising it you grabbed his arm and pulled him away from your house "So... which way is your house?"

You looked up at him and he pointed to the left. After a while of walking you finally arrived at his house still unaware that you were holding his arm

He was about to open the door when it suddenly flew open reveal 3 boys who suddenly shot questions at the two of you "Hyung.. who is this? Shes pretty"
"Dongsung-ah is this your girlfriend?"
"Hyung whats her name?"
"Wait a minute... when did you get with
"Why is [y/n] holding your arm?"

That was when it hit you Crap... I have been clinging onto him the whole way here

You quickly let go of his arm and looked down blushing "I'm sorry" You bowed 90° and continued to apologize "I'm sorry, it's a habit of mine... whenever I'm walking with someone I am comfortable with or know I tend to hold their arm without realizing it"

Everyone stared at you and smiled "Thats okay, at least we know you feel comfortable with Dongsung-ah, you see he's not so good with girls and since he didn't push you away and since his face is red I'm guessing you're the girl he talks about and likes"

You stood there frozen "Wait... Dongsung... you l-like me?" You two stared at each other and he nodded nervously

One of the boys standing at the door pushed Dongsung towards you and ran inside screaming "Hurry up and confess Hyung" the boys slammed the door leaving you two alone

You looked up at Dongsung, both your eyes meeting. He opened his mouth and started talking "[y/n] I like you! No I love you, I have always loved you ever since the first day I met you" He looked away "I don't expect someone like you to love me back but I'm glad I let you know how I feel now"

He turned around about to walk towards the door till you spoke up "Pabo... if you stay then you will know my answer" He turned around and faced you again "I like you as well, and never did I like anyone else" You looked up at him and smiled he smiled back and crashed his lips onto yours
He smiled shyly and scratched the back of his neck "Well... [y/n] will you be my girlfriend?" You smiled at him and pulled him into a kiss it lasted a couple seconds before you pulled away "Does that answer your question?"

He shook his head and pulled you into another kiss but this one was soft and slow "Okay now it did" He smiled at you and kissed your forehead "How about we go inside and start that History assignment?" He asks and opens the door

Before you could answer he opened the door and 3 boys fell down crashing on top of each other "Ya! Chulmin, Seongsuk, Hwan! Were you spying on us?" The 3 boys got up and ran away laughing

While you looked down blushing

Dongsung grabbed your arm and pulled you into his room "As soon as we finish do... do you wanna go a-and... buy ice cream?"
He looked down and asked shyly you smiled and nodded "Of course, but we must finish first!"

The rest of the evening consisted of history, questions, fun and ice cream

And now I am dead
Hope you enjoyed my DongSung x Reader
Kya he is such a cutie and my bias!!!
~ Author-nim ♥

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