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Important author note at the end.

~Full Moon 9pm~

Dallon peeked out of the tour bus window to see Brendon walking past. He sent out a group message that said "He left. Be quiet. Don't let him see you"
Then, he tapped Kenny and Dan and they sneaked out of the bus.

Third Person

Brendon strolled down a slightly crowded street. He wore a dark grey jacket with the hood pulled over his head. He didn't want to be recognized. He carried a plastic shopping bag with his clothes inside.
Dallon, Kenny, and Dan carefully followed Brendon, always keeping a good twenty feet behind. Dallon was wearing a gray coat. (The one he wore in "The Panic Ultimatum") Kenny wore a denim jacket. Dan wore a varsity jacket.
Across the street was Pete, Patrick, Andy, and Joe. Pete had a baseball cap, Patrick had a leather jacket and his fedora, but he walked behind everyone so nobody could see him. Andy had a jacket with the hood. And Joe also wore a jacket.
Josh and Tyler were tailing Sarah who was two blocks over. Sarah wore a jacket, not worried about being recognized. Tyler and Josh both wore hoodies, Josh's being red to disguise his hair.
Brendon felt like someone was following him. He didn't dare looking back. He took a right at a corner, crossed a street, took a left at another corner, crossed at an intersection, walked down another street, and finally he came to the forest.
Dallon, Kenny, Dan, Pete, Patrick, Andy, Joe, Josh, and Tyler crouched in an alley, watching as Brendon went in.
"Where's Sarah?" Dallon hissed.
"We lost her somewhere" Tyler replied.
They saw Brendon had disapeared into the woods and they followed him. Luckily, there was a path, which Brendon stayed mostly in sight of. Then, he suddenly stopped at a tree and took off his jacket.
Dallon couldn't believe what happened next.

I really need name suggestions for Brendon and the brown werewolf human hybrid (Josh). Something is happening in the next chapter and I need names. I updated the Names A.N with meanings/orgins of the names.
Also, if you like science fiction, Maximum Ride, or want P!ATD, FOB, MCR, and TØP being bada*s check out "Mutants (Maximum Ride and Bandom)".

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