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~ Selena ~

I walk through the long halls, nervous of what's to come.

Looking down at my feet, avoiding any eye contact with anyone.

I hear giggling. I try to stay calm. But then get pushed. I apologize and dont look in their eyes.

"I'm sorry" I tell them hoping they won't punch me or kick me.

"It was nothing, honestly it was my friends" He tells me. He sounds familiar.

I still don't look but apologize and try to leave.

"Well sorry again" I hold my books closer to my chest and try to walk past him.

I successfully walk past him but then am slammed into the lockers. My books and papers scatter everywhere.

"Where do you think your going?" She smiles her evil smile.

"T-to class. Can't y-you just let me go"
I plead

She shakes her head. "Can't do that, sorry...not" She laughs.

My hair covers my face preventing her from seeing my face.

"Uh your so ugly, you should really wear a make or something. Your starting to make me sick."

I look down.

"Look at me" I don't look. That's when I feel a fist come in contact with my chin. I yell and grab my chin.

"I told you to look at me, didn't I" I nod

"Well now you see what happens when you don't listen the first time right" I nod again

"Next time you don't listen to me, I'll kick your-" She gets interrupted

"Hello girls what's going on here?" The principal asks.

The girls stand there, smiling.

"Nothing, I just ran into a door and they were just helping me with my things, sir" I lie

"Oh, okay. I thought that something else was going on. But are you okay Selena?" He asks

I nod my head" Yeah just a little hit."

"Well okay. But if your not feeling okay, come by the office ok" I nod.

He leaves down the hall and into a classroom.

"You got lucky he came" She pushes me into the locker one last time and I fall back and slid down the wall.

The days already started pretty well...I guess

~ Justin ~

I walk down the halls laughing with my friends.

"Dude are you kidding I totally won"
They start to push and tackle each other. I roll my eyes and start walking to my first class. That's when I feel someone run into me. I look at her.

She's so beautiful, but she's always covering her face with her hair.

"I'm so sorry" She says still looking at the floor.

I want to see her beautiful eyes looking into mine.

"It was nothing. Honestly it was my friends" I look at my friends. They're laughing.

She keeps apologizing."Well sorry again" She holds her books closer, like she's scared. The she walks around me.

I look back at her, wishing that we could be together. But that could never happen. I look at my friends, there going to get it so bad

||Well hello,
So I hope you liked pt.1 and pt.2 will be up soon. But just remember all my stories are fictional so none of its real. But I really hope you liked it. So I hope you all have a lovely day ♡♡♡♡||

Moonlight bae 🌙 💕

《Stay beautiful ♡》

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