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BamBam POV

I was woken by the sound of traffic and trucks reversing with that annoying beeping noise. 'I guess the new people are moving in next door'. I pulled on an oversize fluffy jumper and headed over to window and peaked though curtains. I looked around noticing three people, a woman that had a mans arm around her shoulder as they stood smiling at the house and a boy around my age staring at the ground. He looked up now staring at the sky, 'oh my god is he attractive' he's the most handsome boy I have ever seen.

I swiftly move to my wardrobe and dress in something that will come across as cute and not trying too hard, kind of look. I ended up trying on 4 different outfits before actually choosing on the first outfit I tried on, a skirt and flowy shirt. before siting cross legged on my bed considering what my next course of action should be and how I can impress that beautiful boy next door.


I suck at intros but it gets better I promise.

First chapter will be posted soon.

Allysa Sams xx

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