Chapter 2: The Unusual Fish

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The boy was laid in the bathtub slowly, he flapped his tail fin a few times in a calmly manner. Smiling in content at Miles. He murmured, "Thank you. You are nice."

Miles nodded, smiling back at the creature. "I try." He paused, observing the boy in the tub. His features looked incredibly sharp yet delicate. His jawline looking sharp enough to cut glass. The boy observed the items in the bathtub, feeling the warm water overwhelm his tail fins. The warm water caused the scales on his tail fins the slowly fall off.

"Uhm..." Miles pointed and gestured at the boy's tail fins, panic taking over his face. "Y-your scales are falling off." He stuttered, backing up quickly. Causing his lower back to crash into the doorknob.

The boy jumped once he heard Miles' lower back hit the doorknob. The creature spoke lowly, "It is normal. My scales only fall off when I am in warm water."

Miles exhaled shakily, nodding his head. He slowly went to sit on the toilet seat, examining the boy. Seeing that he was calm the whole time, he even had a warm smile on his face. "I...never got your name."

The creature looked up at Miles, "Alexander." Sliding his knees to his chest, placing his head on his kneecaps. "What is your name?"

"Miles. Though...Alexander does sound like a normal name. Do...merman have normal names?" Tilting his head in curiosity.

"Yes, our names are Greek." Alexander stated, "Our names can be shortened as well. Like mine would be Alex. I like it." The boy giggled, hiding his face between his kneecaps.

Miles smiled at the boys innocence, he couldn't help but giggle along. His cheeks turning red in the mean time. A question abruptly popped into his head, "Why did you shrink in the pool?"

Alex looked up, some of his curls swiping across his cheek. "I shrink when I am scared."

"Did I scare you?" His voice having gone soft as well as his facial expression.

The creature looked up at Miles, leaning his head off of his kneecaps. "I was only scared by the noise. You are not intimidating." The boy smiled before lowering his head back onto his kneecaps. His curls sweeping over his face, covering his sight. A shy smile remaining plastered on his face. He messed with the water, causing it swirl and wave back and forth. Alex grabbed a lone piece of his scale from his tail fin, examining it by putting it up to the light in the bathroom. It looked nearly transparent, though it had hints of blue.

"Can it grow back?" Miles asked out of concern, looking to the scale as well.

Alex smiled, nodding his head. "Yes, but I would need cold salt water."

"So, it'd only grow back if I put you back into the ocean?"

"Not technically. It can be clean water with a hint of salt." Alex placed the scale back into the water, watching it float before disappearing within the water. He relaxed in the water, slowly closing his head.

Miles noticed how tired he looked. Though he was still concerned, "Can you...still swim without your tail?"

Alex nodded, "Yes, I can. I can breathe under water without them as well."

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