Chapter 3

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Alicia Clark.

"I know you would have preferred going on the run with your mom instead of me but we're gonna be looking around the house and I just wanna see if maybe my dad-" Ofelia's voice cracks.

I wrap my arm around her neck and pull her into a hug.

"I know. And don't worry about it. I understand."

She nods and grabs her knife.

My mom walks over to me.

"Now I want you to be careful. Listen to Strand. Don't do anything crazy. I love you."

"Love you too mom."

She gave me a quick hug and then her and Ofelia headed down the road.

"Let's go." Strand says while picking up a shotgun.

I followed beside him.

He glanced over at me.

"Where's your weapon?"

"I don't have one."

That was the end of the conversation. We reached a little shop. The place was abandoned. Infected were laying on the sides.

We entered the shop. We started looking around the place.


I turn around heart racing.


"Look at this bat." Strand is holding a wooden bat in his hands.

"What? I thought something was wrong don't do that!"

He rolls his eyes at me and picks up some metal wiring and starts wrapping it around the bat.


He handed me the wired bat.

"And what am I supposed to do with this?"

He looks at me like it obvious.

"It's your weapon. Now keep looking for supplies."

For a second I just stare at the bat. And then I get back to looking.

We end up with two duffle bags full of supplies.

It's a quite walk back without any talking. Just the occasional sound of a infection passing by.

Once we get back to the truck. We put the supplies in the truck we eat some food we found from the shop and save plenty for my mom and Ofelia. Then I lay down in the back of the truck. And look up at the stars.

If there was life on other plants would we actually wanna find out? They could be like the infected. For all we know there could be life on the other plants and they're trying to attack us and that's the reason the world is dying.

Me and my weird thoughts. That's how I fall asleep though trying to come up with any explanation for what's going on even if the explanation doesn't make a bit of sense.

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