Chapter 3

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Niall’s POV

I was growing impatient. I fished out a cigarette and lit it up. I took two puffs and then Kyle decided to show up.

“What’s up bro?” Kyle slapped my back. Well for starters it would hurt, but I am used to it.

I shrugged.

Kyle clapped his hands and everyone gathered around him.

“I just thought of a new gig. We are going to kidnap that chick Aislinn and want money from her dad. And maybe we could all use her.” He let out an evil chuckle.

To say I was angry would be an understatement. If I were in a cartoon, smoke would be coming out of my ears.  But my ears were really hot and red. Nobody deals with my Aislinn. I love her. Nobody can take her.

I couldn’t control myself any more; I punched Kyle square on his face. There was a CRACK, indicating his nose broke.   I punched him again. He finally got to his senses and punched me in the face.  I punched him again. For a couple of minutes, we just decorated each other’s faces with our fists.

I kicked his legs and he fell on the ground. I kicked him repeatedly. I was going to kick him again, but he caught my ankle and pulled me towards the ground. He kicked my face and my ribs. I think one of the broke of something. He kicked my temple. Thats when my eyesight started to get blurry.

“Your out of the gang. I don’t wanna see your face again. And tell that chick to be careful.” Kyle chuckled and walked away with the rest of the gang. I laid there on the ground. After 5 minutes, I tried to get up, and I succeeded. I stood up, and limped towards the entrance of the alley.

I don’t know how long I limped, but my body shut down completely and I fell to the groud with a thud.

Aislinn”s POV

As soon as I saw Niall Horan’s body in front of the gates of the house, I started to panic. It’s not normal that everyday you come home and you see someone lying in front of the door steps of house do you? I quickly called the guards and told them to take him to one of the guest rooms.


I had called the doctor and now he was checking Niall’s vitals.

“Ms Rochefort, Mr. Horan seems to be fine. He needs some rest.” The doctor reported.

I said a quick thank you and the doctor exited the room. I shut the door and sat on the other side of the bed. I pulled out my math homework and started doing it.


It was already 11 PM. I shut off the lights in Niall’s room and walked to mine. The maids had already cleaned my room. I changed into shorts and a sport’s bra and fell asleep.

Niall’s POV

I felt something soft under me. hmmm. I opened my eyes. I wasn’t in my room. I was somewhere else! I tried to sit up, but I couldn’t. There was a slight knock on the door and some girl in a maid’s uniform came in with a tray. She set the tray down on the nightstand and went out.

I attempted to sit up again, but I couldn’t. There was another knock on the door and came in Aislinn. My face lit up in a smile.

“how are you?” she asked.

“uhh, I uhh, amm,,errmm...” jeez! I need to stop that.

“ good.” I said.

She smiled at me. I tried to sit up again. I couldn’t. I just humiliated myself in front of the the girl I love!

Aislinn chuckled. Even her chuckles are heavenly.

She slid her hand on my back and helped me sit up. I smiled at her. She smiled back. She set the tray on my lap. Something tells me this is going to be a good day.....

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