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Chapter 5


"I'll take you home in the morning Max.  You are just too stressed and upset to leave right now.  Taking you home at  this moment would raise suspicion within your family.  Besides. you're supposed to be staying overnight, night?"  Luke walked back over to the couch.


"But, you said you would take me home, once I agreed.  I don't want to stay here tonight!”  I was pleading.


"Okay, I'll take you home tonight if you insist, but would you mind humoring us and playing a couple of games with us first?"' Luke asked, holding up a couple of game cases.  I saw the first game in his hand was ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’, which I loved playing.   "We only usually have three people playing, but if you would be willing to stay we could play in teams instead of individually/"  I debated whether or not it was a wise decision to play.  But I wanted to go home!


"Come on Luke, just take the kid home.  We have frightened him too much.  Besides, he probably doesn't even know how to play and it would be no fun with him dying every other second," Bobby, the giant, said as he stood up and stretched.


:”For your information, I know how to play those games, and I'm not a sacred kid!”  I said, daring him to say anything more.


"Then come on over here and prove it, little kid," Bobby snickered, pulling out the fur controllers.


"Fine one game, then I want to be taken home."  I said walked over and sat on the couch beside Luke.


"Okay, let’s play then."  Bobby said handing me a controller.


As the game was loading, I realized that I had just been tricked into doing just what they wanted. I I didn't get the feeling that they wanted to kill me, but I also knew it could be a trap.  I sat there, glancing around to see if they were going to attack, but they all were just watching the screen like I wanted to be. Once the game was set-up, I ended up on a team with Luke.  When we started playing., II wasn't fully into the game.  I was too distracted by the possibility they could turn around and attack me at any moment.   Suddenly, Bobby started roaring with laughter. It kind of freaked me out.  All my attention was on him and not on the game. My control started vibrating a few seconds later and I glanced back at the screen.  My guy was being shot at and was about to die.


"Ha!  And, you said you knew how to play the game!"  Bobby mocked.


"I do know how to play.  You distracted me on purpose.”  I was seething.


"Yeah sure.  You're just mad because I beat your guy down and you didn’t do anything to stop me."  He was smirking at me.


"Whatever dude. I'm back in the game this time you're going down!" I said, furiously.


"Bring it on, man!"  Bobby challenged.


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