Chapter 11: The New Professors

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The Awakening Power

by Sib

Chapter 11: The New Professors

* * *

Harry walked into the Great Hall, feeling very nervous that morning as he sat down with Ron and Hermione. He loaded up a bowl of cereal, but couldn't seem to find much interest in his food as he picked at it distractedly. Today was to be the first class with Snape as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

"Harry, when would you like to start D.A. meetings again?" Hermione asked.

"Well, I dunno. Dumbledore gave permission; I suppose we could start anytime," Harry said.

"Shall I post a notice on the bulletin board? I would think we can continue to use the Room of Requirement as well," Hermione said.

"All right. Maybe we should set a schedule, and then I can check with Tonks and make sure it's okay with her," Harry said.

Hermione looked officious as she briskly pulled out a calendar marked with various dates. "Here's a schedule I set up. Of course, we can change it when the Quidditch practice times are announced."

Harry took the schedule. It was twice a week, with an evening session during the week, and a morning session on weekends.

"This looks good... I'll send this off to Tonks after breakfast," Harry said.

Distracted from his Snape thoughts, Harry finally started eating his cereal, feeling a bit more upbeat about starting up the D.A. again. He was reviewing some ideas in his head for the first meeting as the morning owls began arriving. As in the previous days, he got a large bundle of letters, which Seamus and Dean dutifully took from him for later examination.

"Thanks," he said gratefully.

"No worries, mate," said Seamus. "It'll probably start to die down in a few weeks."

Just then Harry heard a minor ruckus. He looked down the table and noticed that Ginny had received a very long, wrapped package. He tried to act nonchalant as he pasted a look of curiosity on his face. Her eyes were wide, looking at the brightly colored wrapping.

"What's that, Ginny?" asked Ron.

"Dunno. Fred and George sent it," she said.

"Erm, maybe you should open it up outside, or in a reinforced room, or something," said Ron nervously.

Ginny laughed. "Oh, come on. Fred and George are more clever than that. They wouldn't just send a joke package," she said. Pausing, she added, "At least, I don't think they would..."

"Oh, sod it. Let's see what it is. I'm dying of curiosity," Ginny said, and started tearing off the wrapping with gusto, revealing a long box.

She opened the box and pulled out a beautiful new broom. It was stained a fiery red color and was polished to a bright finish. The tail was sleekly designed, obviously built with great attention to detail. On the front was a brass plaque with some writing. Ginny blinked her eyes, as if she couldn't believe what she was holding.

"Whoa! Is that a Greased Lightning Chaser Special?" said Ron, awed.

"Um, yeah," Ginny said, peering disbelievingly at the brass plaque, "er, that seems to be what it says."

Harry, Ron and Hermione had walked over from their seats.

"Here's a note from Fred and George," Ginny said, reading the note. She then read it out loud.

Dear Sis,

With the Weasley family honor at stake, we couldn't allow you fly around on that old piece of rubbish you used last year. One must uphold the sacred traditions, right? And there is no more sacred tradition than Gryffindor holding the cup at the end of the year.

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