Chapter 2: A Weasley Summer

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The Awakening Power

by Sib

Chapter 2: A Weasley Summer

* * *

Harry sat in the Weasley kitchen with a sense of fullness he hadn't experienced in ages. That was not the feeling he generally left the table with after meals at the Dursleys'. He felt like he had eaten to make up for all the skimpy meals over the summer.

"I think I'll head up and start unpacking," he said to Ron, who was finishing up a previously heaping plate of food. For all Harry had eaten, it appeared Ron was determined to easily win that battle. He appeared to be debating whether to add another helping.

"Okay, mate. Maybe some chess later?"

"Great," Harry replied. He got up from the table and headed up the stairs, feeling peaceful and sated. The good feelings lasted until he entered the hallway. A sense of uneasiness came over him, growing as he walked down the hall toward his door. He paused at the door, considering. Fear and dread filled him as he realized where he would be sleeping at night.

He would be sleeping in Fred and George's room.

He recalled the strange sounds and outright explosions that had often emanated from the room on his previous visits. It would be highly out of character for them not to leave a little reminder of the previous occupants.

Harry stood against the wall to the side of the door and slowly pushed it open. The door gave a slow creak as it opened. He waited a few seconds, then he thrust a hand through the threshold and quickly pulled it back.

Well, Ron put my trunk in here, so it must be safe as far as that goes, he thought. He slowly peeked around the corner into the room. It was noticeably larger than Ron's room, which would make sense since it slept two people. The room held two beds, two dressers and a large desk built for two. Most of the personal items had been removed, but he noticed a few Zonko's stickers stuck to the walls.

The room looked innocent enough. Too innocent, Harry thought, as paranoia began to set in. He tiptoed into the room, looking for any signs of triggers or traps. He pulled out his wand and waved it saying "Finite Incantatem!" Slightly more confident, he walked around the room, casting the magic canceling spell at all the objects in the room.

Harry started to sit on one of the beds, but inches before he settled on it, he suddenly flew up and whirled around. Looking at the bed suspiciously, he poked it with his wand. Nothing happened. He pressed on it with his hand a little more firmly, and still all was quiet. He sighed. Maybe they really did just leave the room in peace, he thought, unconvinced. Harry sat down on the bed and then noticed the closet.

He could have sworn the closet was closed when he came in, but now it was open a crack. He briefly considered going down to get Ron to help him deal with whatever mischief was up, but he wasn't absolutely certain the closet had been closed before. Ron will probably just think I'm jumping at shadows because of last month's battle, he thought.

Getting irritated with the whole process, Harry firmly walked over to the closet and reached out, intending to open it. Still, he paused, his hand inches away, a sense of dread filling him. He had a gut instinct that this would not end well.

Backing away, he grabbed a pillow off the bed. He swung the pillow at the door and quickly pushed it open, diving to the floor at the same time. The door banged against the wall and swung back to its original, partially opened position.

Harry waited on the floor. Nothing. He slowly got up and crept up to the door. He eased it open and peered inside. The closet was mostly empty, except for a couple of garishly colored shirts that the twins apparently felt were too bright, even for them. Then he saw it.

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