He's gone.

A loud sigh escapes my lips as I back myself into the large, king sized bed. It sort of surprises me that their house is so beautiful, especially since they seem so young. Then again, vampires live forever so they may be hundreds of years old for all I know...

I draw my lip in between my teeth, listening to the silence that surrounds me. It seems like they are far away from my room... If they weren't I'd be able to hear them. Nows my chance.

My hand reaches for the door knob, turning it slowly, and quietly. A small creek sounds as I open it, my jaw clenching out of fear. This is a matter of life or death. I need to escape.

When no one comes, I quickly sprint down a long hallway, looking for the stairs Luke lead me up. This house is so large that just about anyone could get lost in it... Especially someone such as myself.

"So, now that we have an immunity charm we should be able to..."

Fück. Someone's down here.

I quickly spin on my heel and take off in the opposite direction. There might be something down this way that can get me outside... Perhaps I should just resort to a window at this point.

With that in mind, I turn to a random door, pulling it open and rushing in. Climbing out windows shouldn't be a problem for me since I used to sneak out all the time. Partying used to be my specialty... However, thinking back on it, I wish I would've spent more time with my family.

I miss them.

My fingertips glide across the chipped windowsill as I pull up the glass, the cool night air greeting my skin. A butterfly suddenly flutters past my face, startling me a bit as it wades off into the night sky. I wish I could be as free as that butterfly.

"Escaping little one?" A voice asks from behind.

I immediately turn around, my heart beating ten times faster as my throat closes up. Why did I have to take so long just to jump out the fücking window.

"I-I was just exploring and needed some fresh air," I answer quietly, looking the red head up and down. I can't remember if he told me his name or not...

"Is that so?" He smirks, slowly closing the distance between us.

"Yes. I should probably get to bed now," I reply quickly, lowering my head to look at the ground.

"That's probably a good Idea... But after I get a quick taste. I'm incredibly thirsty," He smiles, shivers trickling up my spine.

"Then have some water," I whisper back, watching his eyebrows raise with amusement.

"Sorry but I like hot beverages," He laughs, grabbing my wrist.

"Please don't! This isn't fair! You guys need to let me go," I beg, attempting to free myself from him.

"Your ours now," he whispers into my ear.

His hot breath stains my neck, reminding me how much his teeth sinking into my skin will hurt. Never Mind that, how is my blood draining from my body gonna feel?

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