Michael Clifford Imagine

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You catch your 4 year old on the phone while you were taking a shower, “okay bye bye love you,” you hear him say. 

"Who was that baby?" you ask him.

He smiles clearly hiding something, “um aunt (Y/BF/N).”

You nod not continuing to investigate, “okay, why don’t we go play a game?” you suggest guiding him in the living room to start up the game system. About an hour into the game you hear a knock on the door. Pausing the game, you stand heading towards the door. When you open it you see a smiling Michael with flowers in his hand. You stand there shocked, “Happy Anniversary,” he says. You walk towards him wrapping your arms around him. 

"You’re supposed to be on tour!" you say.

"What? And miss our 5 year wedding anniversary!?" he responds.

You smile leaning in to kiss him. A few seconds later you pull away, “I love you,” he whispers. 

"I love you too," you say. 

Michael then takes your hand going in the living room. “Daddy!” your son shouts running towards him.

Michael leans down picking him up, “I missed you buddy,” Michael says before kissing his forehead.

"I missed you too daddy," your son responds.

He then walks toward the couch with your son still in his arms. “You wanna join me and mommy?” the little boy asks. Michael smiles and nods, "Of course." Your son hops off his lap running to get another controller. You take a seat next to Michael and lean your head against his shoulder.

When your son returns he happily hands his dad the controller before crawling back in his lap while you all play a game cuddled together.


Just incase (Y/BF/N) = Your Best Friends Name

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