15. I looked like Clifford the big red dog

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"By the way, I suck at cooking so yeah... " I stated. My shyness was showing, oh man...

It was awkward while we were eating, but thank gosh it only was me who thought that, I least I think.

"Work today. ..." Y / n frowned after finishing her food. I finished at the moment she ended talking.

"Yeah, but I'm already ready." I said.

"So you're going with a pink apron to work, you'd probably get fired by Jameson. " She joked. The big boss who hates me. Both of me's. I don't get it, he thinks I'm the bad guy. Like c'mon! I kinda just fought with the avengers!?

"Nah, not today." I suggested taking off the apron.

"I'm gonna go get ready." Y / n spoke getting up and going to her room. After she left, I picked our plates and washed them. Then I sat down at the couch.

I need to ask her out, I just can't though. I mean I can, but I don't know what she'll say. I really like her and I think she likes me, but I don't wanna hurt our friendship. I don't know what to do, I'm a lost boy.

Y / n then came out looking beautiful as always.

"Ready? " I asked.

"Yeah, let's go." she pleaded. We left the apartments and started walking to the Daily Bugle.

"Can't wait to fetch coffee for people." Y / n said sarcastically. I laughed.

"It's not that bad, once we finish high school we'll be able to work full time which will give us more time to find our spot in the business. " I added. Y/n and I are so close to finishing high school.


Going through security is big thing in the Daily Bugle. Mr. Jameson is really strict with the safety thing and with checking in with our IDs, he wants us to be right on time and stuff.

We took the elevator to Mr. Jameson's main floor.

"Hopefully, we have nice errands to do. " Y / n exclaimed. Then Jameson came out of his office looking furious.

"Y / n get me some coffee! Peter get the meeting room ready! " Jameson yelled. We both nodded and headed our ways. I went to the meeting room and made sure everything was in place. Each spot had a chair, pen, and water. After that, I went to my locker and put my man bag away. Yes, I brought my man bag to work.

- Towards the end of the day -
"Anyone who can give me a good story about Spider-Man will get a raise or a job here. Due tomorrow morning." Mr. Jameson yelled. Easy.

I went to my pal Jacob and asked him if I could use his computer and he said yes. I decided to go outside the box, since hello I'm Spider-Man. Idea!

I started typing....

"Is Spider-man one of us?", that's the question. Does he walk around in his human identity delivering pizzas or living the rich life, how old is he, where is he from, is he in a relationship: are some of the questions that everyday Americans come by. So, do we really know this Spider-man guy? No one has interviewed this superhero, yet. Except now there has been and he states "I'm just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man and that's all I tend to be," .

"So, how old are you?"-Peter Parker

"About seventeen"-Spider-Man

"So, do you live a normal teenage boy life?"-P.P.

"Yeah, I go to school. I have crushes. I go to parties with my friends every now and then. I do homework, all that stuff"- Spider-Man

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