Exposure Level 1 - 9 | ii

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Trans Rail was a hidden breakthrough.

Spanning across the Atlantic Ocean, it connected the continents via an underwater rail line. Only the vampires and their human families knew about it. Just as they were the only ones who knew about the sub level rail lines that ran beneath the ordinary rails in the city. Daniel, Helick, Penny, Vescovi and Zigor along with the team they brought had four compartments to themselves. One held their supplies, and the other three were sleeping quarters. Though they could have their food delivered to them, some of the men chose to eat with the other passengers onboard.

Zigor had his nose almost pressed to the glass window, staring at the sea life on the other side. He saw sea animals he never knew existed. Some were as curious about the train as he was about them. The train was inside a clear tube, and it went just fast enough for you catch a glimpse of their watery environs.

"First time?" Daniel teased. He had his head resting back on the cushioned back of his seat.

Zigor sat down a look of awe on his face. "Never in my life man. When I heard you guys were werewolves I damn near laughed my ass off. Then Garrick changed, and I almost soiled myself. Even after that it took me awhile to believe all this is real, and now we're in a train that travels underwater." He shook his head.

"Not a lot of humans would have accepted us the way you and Ichiro did," Daniel noted.

"When you go into a fight with someone you trust them to have your back. The Savage brothers have saved both our lives more than once. And Xavier, Helick went through fire to save him. Whatever else they are—doesn't change the fact that they're reliable. In a fight and otherwise."

Daniel nodded his agreement.

"You don't speak much about your time in the military."

"Marine Corp, three tours."

"Ever thought about being a merc?" Zigor asked.

"You offering me a job?"

"Just saying. Once this is all over you may need one." Zigor was holding on to his belief that they were all going to make it out alive. It was a reach considering the threat level, especially for him, and less for Ichiro now that he was going to be a werewolf. He was the only human left on the main team. It was a daunting fact to know.

"Hunting bad guys."

"Human bad guys," Zigor said. He rested his head back looking up at the roof of the train. The roof was transparent. This view made him realize just how far below the water's surface they were right now. Outside the protection of the train and the tube that held it, the water pressure would crush him before he got the chance to drown.

"Just when you think you're seen all evil can offer," he mumbled. That was saying much considering the depraved things his job brought to his attention.

"Then you find out you were kicking puppies this entire time," Daniel said.

Zigor snorted. That was so true. He lost interest in the view, as his thought became melancholy. He became aware again that they were not the only ones in this compartment. Penny was with them.

As far as his human eyes could see, she was just a woman. Dressed in faded jeans and a bomber jacket over a black shirt with the words "I Bite" written on it. Her hair was a thick mane of auburn with a slight curl to it. It was everywhere. As wild and untamed as the woman it belonged to. Ava was the one who gave her the emerald necklace she wore. It cloaked Penny's real appearance from humans, but Zigor knew her true form. What she could do in a fight. She must have sensed him staring as she looked around at him. Her lips turned up in a snarl, and the sound that came from her was less than human. Zigor dropped his eyes to his lap.

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