Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

The next day, everything went back to normal. Since my classes still haven't started (they start tomorrow), I made my way to the activity fair. This morning, after finally finding the food court for breakfast (never skip dinner. NEVER) Karen told all the freshmen it was a good idea to "get involved". Personally, the only reason I'm going is because I'm bored. My roommate still hasn't showed up (which sucks), but I'm not too keen on asking the Dean right now. After what happened last night, who would be?

"Join the Quidditch Club!" a girl, dressed up in a Gryffindor costume from Harry Potter, said to other students passing by.

I turned down a flier she shoved my way and continued to look at each of the clubs. Swim team, acapella groups (acapella? really?), chess clubs, Scrabble clubs, you name it, it's here. Nothing caught my eye. Well, it was worth a-

"Hi. Did anyone ever tell you that that top looks amazing on you? Totes adorbs!"

It took me a minute to realize that the girl behind the table, wearing a bubblegum pink and white polka dot dress was talking to me. I smiled, reading the sign for their booth. Oh, a sorority.

"Thanks. My boyfriend bought it for me before I came here." I said, straightening the purple half-sleeved blouse that Joshua actually did buy me, just not as a going away gift.

She smiled, holding out a clipboard to me. I read the clipboard.

"It's really cute. You're beau has great taste. So, did you ever consider joining a sorority?"

I shook my head. The girl standing next to Polka Dot dress was already hooking in another girl, complimenting on her purse. I rolled my eyes inwardly. I knew it.

"No. But I hear it's interesting."

Polka Dot dress nodded vehemently, her pink lips pressing themselves together as he continued to smile. I studied their stand. Pink, pink, and more pink everywhere. Great.

"Oh, totes. It's amazing. All the girls in alpha gamma beta are great. Every year, we compete with the other sororities to see who gets to attend the epic party at the end of the year held by omega psi phi. We could use more people, so, whatcha say?"

I raised an eyebrow, clutching the ballpoint pen Polka Dot dress handed me. Her strawberry blonde hair blew in the breeze, making her look like a movie star on the red carpet. I mean, sure, it would be cool but...oh, what the hell.

"Sure. I'll join."

Polka Dot girl squealed, clapping her hands and jumping up and down as I signed my name in one of the boxes.

"Great! All new members must meet us tonight, at 8, at the sorority. My name is Amy, by the way."

She took the clipboard, holding out her other hand for me to shake. I smiled, shaking it politely. She put the clipboard down before I left, handing me a slip of pink paper with fancy script written on the front. Alpha Gamma Beta welcomes you! Remember, 8:00 sharp. The script was glittery and pink. I shoved it into my back pocket.

"All right. See you then, I guess. It was nice meeting you, Amy."

"Nice meeting you"

"Ember." I answered.

She smiled and nodded to me just as another girl walked over to her and started consulting about joining. With that as my cue, I turned on my heel and walked away. Well, I just signed myself up for a sorority. Wait until Garret and Addy hear about this...

(Sorry again if this sucks! I'm kinda stuck in writer's block right now! I'm hoping I'll get over it soon but, who knows. Anyway, I'll still keep writing. The best way to deal with writer's block is to keep writing, even if it's not any good, until you come up with something amazing. One of my favorite authors posted that on her blog. It's so true! Anyway, enjoy! Vote and comment! Bye bye!)

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