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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1: Time Will Only Tell

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"Help me!" I screamed clutching my side to stop the blood flow, "please help..."

The loss of blood was causing me weakness. I tried to shake it off and continue to search for help. No one could hear me.

A tree branch snapped from behind. My stomach felt as if knots were being tied inside of it.

I knew my life would be over soon.

"Don't be afraid, I'm here to help you."

Three months earlier....

"Oh my GOSH DANE!!! You're freaking kidding me..." my best friend scolded me. I looked in the mirror. I wore a navy blue cardigan and a pink skirt. I thought it looked fine but 'miss perfect' over here thought otherwise.

"Thank goodness I'm here... I love you but I hate that outfit!" She walked out of the dressing room.

"It doesn't look that bad, does it?" I patted down the skirt.

"Here," Haley threw a pile of clothes at me.

"Seriously? You expect me to try on ALL of these?!" she giggled and nodded her head. "...Fine. Now get out."

"Okay geez I'm just trying to help my bestist fwiend!" oh the baby voice. I can't stand Haley's baby voice. She closed the door and sat down on a bench outside.

I looked down at the pile of clothes, "This is going to take awhile."

I ended up leaving the store with three bags full of clothes Haley insisted that I should get.

She skipped over to her car and popped open her trunk. I hoisted the bags into her car and she shut it for me.

"So who's this guy you've been muttering about for the last hour and a half?" I got into the passenger seat.

"What are you talking about?" I responded.

"You know, 'mr. Brown Eyes'," she nudged my shoulder and winked at me.

"Oh shut up, it's not like you ever tell me who your crushing on..." I looked forward avoiding her hawk eyes.

"Hey this isn't about me, it's about you chica. When was the last time you've had a boyfriend? Oh that's right... NEVER?!" she grabbed my face and turned me towards her. "It's time this little girl grows up!"

I sighed, "Okay fine." I looked Haley's face which was now lit up with joy. "It's Link..."

"The kid that was named after a Zelda character? You got to be kidding me?!" she laughed. "He's gorgeous! You should go for him kiddo."

I smiled and told her to start driving me home. She turned on the radio and began to start singing horribly to a song.

I ignored her and just peered out the window.

"Thanks for taking me shopping!" I lied and shut the door behind me. Okay now it's time for me to know how to get pretty. I gagged at the thought but I needed to so I can actually have my first boyfriend. Which hopefully wasn't link. I lied to Haley because I am stupid. The boy I actually liked was this junior named Kyle.

I didn't like makeup. No I mean I hate makeup. It bothers me. I like my face how it is but Haley being Haley told me to. I decided for my sake that I would forget about being pretty and just get sweats or jammie pants on.

"Hey Hun, how was your day with Haley?" I sighed and put down my bags.

"Like always mom. Very tiering," My mom sat on the couch reading some book I had never heard of.

"Come show me your wardrobe!" She exclaimed setting down her book.

"Do I really have to?" I let out a grunt.

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