Never stop believing in hope , miracles happen everyday.

Damien could not come to term with the fact that Renee's mother stood in front of her.Beside her stood a girl , barely legal.But her eyes held deep wisdom.

"Damien,I guess you are still shocked."was all she said.

"How is this possible?You are supposed to be dead. Who is this girl?"he asked earnestly.

"You should be thankful to her.Her name is Dahlia and she brought me back"

Damien looked at the girl expecting her to elaborate further."Apologies Alpha, we had to come unannounced. My name is Dahlia and I am a witch. "

Damien looked beyond shocked at the girl.He wasn't aware about any witches on his territory

As if reading his mind she answered,"I have just come to my powers.Your father knew my grandmother."was all she said. 

"How can you bring my Renee back? I have searched everywhere I cannot track her down!", he stated exasperated.

"You won't find her Damien.She appears in my visions.Drake is going to marry her today.He keeps her in his castle.It's guarded by a dark magic.You cannot track it. "Dahlia said.

"We need to discuss this.I need to call her grandparents. She can't marry him.She cannot do this to me,"Damien mumbled to himself.

"No we need to act fast" interjected Renee's mom . 

"Yes Alpha. I can get you inside.Renee's mom was there, so her spirit can be traced back.Which allows us to surpass the magic . I haven't done it before. But I need you to form a team of your best warriors."Dahlia said.

"I wan to kill that bastard. "Damien said fuming. 

"Can you get the team ready in an hour. I need them to assemble in the backyard.Do you have something she wore recently?"Dahlia asked.

"Yes I will take you to her room ...."

"I can show her the way . You see to the team ."his beta piped in .

Damien just nodded. He was beyond shocked at the unfolding of events.

"Don't worry son . We will get her back ."her mother said "That man and his father have ruined my life as well as yours for their thirst of power. I am going to kill that man for the pain he gave me and my mate. Drake will turn weak as he is linked to his father.Once his father is dead you can kill Drake." 

"How can you kill his father?" he asked doubting her words 

"Every bad thing in this world has a good thing to neutralize it.I have waited for this moment to kill him .It begun with me and it shall end with me"she said . 

Damien just nodded and summoned his warriors through the link . As he was leaving he could saw Renee's grandmother rushing in.

Renee stood still under the warm jet of water. She felt helpless and frustrated.If she married him , he would be powerful enough to kill all her pack. She could never let that happen.She thought of Damien and his smile.His arms around her as he kissed her neck . She missed him and he wanted to run back to him.

Life at played a cruel game with her.She felt like killing Drake, but her powers did not work whenever he was around; as if her powers would never harm him.She had tried to use them,but failed every time . Now that she thought of it, Drake always held that knowing grin.Was he controlling her powers?

She had hoped that she would get out of this.She could not get married to him .She had to escape before it was too late .Renee shut the water and quickly grabbing a towel ran out of the bathroom . 

But there he stood with his back towards her . As soon as he sensed her he turned and gave her body a lingering appraisal.

"I can't wait for tonight princess. " he said walking towards her.

"Don't touch me."Renee mumbled as she walked away from him.

"You can't run anymore." he whispered in her ear.

"You selfish bastard" Renee said trying to push him away.

He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her towards him ,"Don't try to play games with me . Forget that mutt Renee.I will give you the world , you will reign as queen. " 

"I don't need you to make me a queen. You are nothing without me, you need me , I do not need you." Renee burst out.

He just laughed as Renee looked at him , wondering if he was crazy. "Don't get funny ideas in your tiny brain princess.Agree I need you , but don't start growing wings now , I will just cut them off . " he said in a deadly calm voice .

"Your dress for tonight is hanging in your wardrobe . It was meant to be worn by your mother, but alas she was not lucky enough to wear it .You will truly look like an angel today. " he kissed her lips and left her room . 

Renee was on the verge of crying. She felt sad at the thought of her mother and her father.As she was walking to her closet she suddenly stilled. 

'Don't worry my child, I will come for you. Let me in Renee . Let my power strengthen you.' Renee felt a sudden surge of energy running through her veins. She felt alive again .

She was astounded by her mother's voice. She felt so close to her, like she was just standing outside her door. She could feel her mother through her entire being .Her wolf was suddenly on alert too which usually happened when Damien was around. 

And suddenly through the darkness surrounding her she had hope !


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