Chapter 38

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New York, 2015

The sensation of being dragged backwards through a dark tunnel overwhelmed her as she struggled and screamed. Images floated around her as she cried grasping for something to keep her from falling.

Her mother kissing her forehead as she read her a book when she was a little girl.

Her father at her first dance recital.

Mimi, Carl and Andrew pulling her along the sandy beach into the water on their last summer break....

Her aunt comforting her as she mourned the loss of her mother.

Duncan when they first made love.

Darkness engulfed her as the breath from her lungs flushed from her mouth as if she was punched hard in the stomach. Gasping for air the gurgled scream could barely comeout even as her hearing went silent. She panicked and continued to struggle as if drowning until finally she broke through that barrier taking in a large gulp of air. And bright lights blinded her momentarily.

Afraid and terrified the tingling in her body continued, her eyes flashed open and she bolted up right in the bed disoriented with machines that beeped and chirped chaotically. Her head began to spin.

Not able to focus the only thing she could do is yank and pull out her I.V. as she cried. She shook her head and screamed.

The machines let out an incessant beep. Suddenly a nurse appeared at the door shocked and began to shout.

In short order her room swarmed with nurses that were at her side as she climbed off the bed and fell weakly to her knees.

"Send me back please. I didn't tell him how much I loved him. Please." she cried frantically.

She was lifted on to the bed and calmed by one of the nurse that held her in place as another administered a sedative.

The effect of the drugs slowly coursed through her as her eyes drooped. Before darkness fully claimed her the last words that escaped her breath was his name.



Slowly she regained consciousness the next morning. Not wanting to accept this reality she lay on her side with her eyes closed. The monitor amd machines beeping in intervals.

She wasn't crazy or hallucinating nor was she crazy or hallucinating her time with Duncan. She lay still listening to the Dr. and her father speak low as if not to wake her.

"Duncan?" her father sounded puzzled as the doctor asked if they knew anyone by that name.

How can they? She thought.
He is a man she fell inlove with 770 years in the past.

For a good 20 minutes she lay there listening to the Dr. Talk of her recovery and how long she would continue there and the studies needed to be done before she is released to return home.


Her eyes slowly opened to stare out the window and the bright day. It all felt so surreal. She had anticipated this moment and now.....she didn't know how to deal with it.

The day had went by and slowly merged into the next when shortly familiar faces began to appear to visit her. Her Aunt cried as she hugged Tara and held her close. Then her friends. Lastly her father.

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