Warning: With mature content


Matthew was working me out and my hormones are reacting rapidly. He really knew where to touch me and which plugs to pull. The movie was long forgotten as we were battling with our own sexual frustrations. A while ago, I already texted Rain to tell Aunt Amy that I'll be staying at Matthew's for the night, it's a Friday anyway and we don't have school the next day. I turned off my phone afterwards in case Rain tries to spoil the fun.

I didn't budge a muscle when I felt Matt lifting me up and started towards the stairs, I'm guessing to his room,with our lips still entangled.

I snaked my legs at his waist and held on to his neck like my life depended on it as we continue to kiss hard and alternately moaning each other's names.

He slowly laid me to his bed and felt that it was too soft we sunk with our weights. I couldn't see the color of the sheets nor the color of his room as it was only illuminated with a single modern design drop lamp on the corner.

He didn't waste time as he pulled off his shirt and went back to my lips down to my neck and collar bone. I didn't hesitate to touch his abs and felt its hardness against the palm of my hand. I am now actually looking and feeling his muscled body in the flesh,which I've been wondering how it would feel under my touch.

He pulled me up to sit on the bed and slowly peeled my sweater off with my tank top leaving me in my lace purple bra. I was glad I had a new pair on. I wanted to thank Rain this time for pushing me to buy these VS things.

With a glint in his eyes, he slowly raked my chest with lustful look. I was not one of those who are endowed largely but just big enough to fill his palms. There was no stopping him as he reached out to my back and unclasp it, slid off the straps and automatically palming one of my mounds while sucking on the other one.

Delirious is an understatement. I've never felt so aroused in my whole life, I didn't want him to stop. I was continuously chanting his name while I gripped on his hair which makes him moan louder. He trailed kisses on my stomach and just below my belly button while he worked on the buttons of my jeans. When he had them free, he yanked it slowly off of me, leaving me in just my matching purple panties.

"God, do you even realize that you are so beautiful?", he whispered, his voice lust laden.

He began unbuttoning his pants and threw them on the pile of clothes on the floor. Matthew was a perfect work of art. He looked way better than what I have been imagining. His sport really has become him.

I started to squirm when he traced my thigh with light kisses and his hand went underneath my panties.

So this is it. I am so ready to give up my virginity to Matthew. My heart and my mind have been agreeing since we entered his bedroom. There's no turning back now.

My mind went back a little to Jeremy. And I was thankful we didn't go all out when we were together. Maybe it was all destined that I will let Matthew have it.

He stood up and got something from his night stand. I was feeling nervous now I think I lost my saliva and I wanted to drink but I don't want to ruin the momentum. He slid off his boxers and I saw it sprang freely I swallowed even more.

He spread my legs wider and placed himself between them. I didn't know if Matthew has any inkling that I am still a virgin.

Do I have to tell him or just let him know on his own?

His lips are back on mine and I can already feel his member so hard poking at my center. He attacked my neck again then in between my mounds. I yelped when he alternately sucked on them the sensation made me forget everything around me, I didn't even notice he already removed my panties.

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