Chapter 27

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 I look back to see Xavier standing behind my chair. I glance at Carly and Bella and stand up.

"Yeah sure." I say and we both walk towards the canteen door.

"I am sure you know about the ball." He states and I nod.

"So will you be my date??" He asks and I look back immediately to see my best girls sitting with a we-told-you-so look. Xavier clicks his fingers in front of my face and I look back to him.

"Umm..actually I already promised another friend of mine that I would go with him if I do go."  I explain and he straightens up.

"Oh...I am late then."

"Yeah by two classes." I say lightly.

"Who are you going with then?" He probes.

"Its Zack. My chemistry lab partner." I answer.

"Okay. Tell him no." He says casually.

"What? I can't okay. I promised." I retaliate.

" Yes you can and you have to."

"Don't boss around me friend."

"I am just asking you return the favour friend." He smiles with a wide sarcastic smirk.

"I can't do this. You have to understand." I try to reason.

"Then I'll assume you don't want to return the favour. Because this is the only way I want it."

"That's blackmailing." I point out and he just smiles and walk away. Oh my God. I feel like punching him right now.

"Well..well look who just got asked to the ball by two hot guys?" Bella teases as I return back to my chair. I scowl at her and she laughs with Carly. I mentally decide what I am gonna do about this whole returning favour thing. He can't force me. I know he is just doing this so I get annoyed. But no. I can't turn down Zack now. He has always helped me so much in chemistry, so basically I should be returning his favour before Xavier's. Yeaa... this sounds.. right. 

"Hey girls." I hear Jacob speak as I am mentally weighing my options about who I should go with. I and Bella perk up immediately knowing where this is going to go.

"Hey Jacob." We both say at the same time.

"So you girls know about the ball right?" He asks and we all nod.

"Yeah we do." Bella says pointedly, looking at Carly.

"So... I was wondering if you would like to come to the ball with me." He looks at and questions Carly a bit nervous. Carly widens her eyes slightly. Before she can reply I cut her off.

"Oh that's sad. Carly already agreed to go with Paul earlier today." I say, faking a sad pout. Bella immediately catches on and I know she is gonna add more spice to the story. We both shoot Carly 'shut up' looks and she stays quite.

"Oh.. You mean the quarterback on the football team?" He asks dejectedly and Bella nods.

"Yeah. Carly always wanted him to ask her for the ball and he just did today. She hasn't stopped smiling since then." Bella says with fake sweetness lacing her voice.

"Oh-um...that's great. Enjoy Carly." Jacob says and starts to leave. Wow he agreed so easily. I wish that stupid Xavier West was like Jacob. Bella and I burst out laughing when we see Jacob's low expression and Carly's desperation to stop him. Jacob stiffens and looks back at us with confusion. He grins slightly as he catches on our prank and again looks hopefully at Carly.

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