Chapter 16: Low Fuel Tank

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Author's Note: 🎵We're off to see the Chief, The Chief of the ZPD!🎵 Sorry I had to do it, it fits in this chapter.

Nick's P.O.V.

I sped down the streets of Sahara Square, getting close to the entrance of Downtown Zootopia. Anton and Soasire had got closer, they were about a mile behind me. My goal, get to the ZPD and hopefully get help from one of my colleagues. I glanced at the, what was in a way like a dashboard with all the vehicle functions for a car, but in this case for a motorcycle. My eyes widened, the gas tank was almost empty. I don't think I'll make it to the ZPD in time. 'Please at least get me to the ZPD!' I thought worriedly. The engine sputtered and began to slow down. "No no no no!" I freaked. I was less than a block away from the ZPD, Anton sprung up and his massive paws slammed on the leather seat. Upon impact, I was flung upwards in the air from him slamming his claws on the opposite end of the motorcycle. Anton was a blur of pure black and dead red eyes, he swung his paw, claws outstretched, and hit me, while still in the air. "Oof!" I said as his claws hit me on my stomach near my lower hip. I hit the ground with a loud FWUMP. The motorcycle swerved uncontrollably and crashed into a parking meter and then a tree. Less than a block I noticed Officer Wolferd and Francine, I was too weak. The blow to my stomach began to bleed. I writhed in pain and pressed both my paws onto the wound and lay there in the fetal position. Anton slowly crept towards me, savoring every second that I was in pain. He snatched ahold of my shirt collar and raised me to his eye level. My body went limp, I was in too much pain to react. Anton panted, obviously exhausted from the chase. He breathed in and spoke. "You've caused me a lot of trouble, Wilde. For that your going to pay with your life." He said with pure hatred in his voice. He lifted his other paw up, and with a sharp SHING, his claws came out once more. I knew what he was about to do. "Before I begin... Tell me, why did you bother to save those children, you could have saved yourself the trouble. After all, you are nothing but a shifty and untrustworthy fox, like the rest of your kind." His voice was like icicles piercing my heart. I was silent for a moment, my breathing had become labored and heaving each breath. "Because.... I care, obviously...... unlike you, all you care... about.. Is yourself." I said feebly. He growled. My mind began to slip, he held me by the neck,sinking his claws into my neck. 'I'm done for. Goodbye Judy, I love you." I thought as my eyes began to close. SCREECH! I opened my eyes quickly, Anton, was startled. There, at the end of the road, was a police cruiser, barreling towards us at high speed. My jaw hung open a bit and my eyes squinted in pain as I lifted my up slowly. Anton didn't move, he obviously was wondering, who would dare drive towards him. Unexpectedly, Anton was hit from behind and he fell forward, loosening his grasp on me and I fell. I struggled to open my eyes, there I saw Wolferd wrestling Anton to the ground, giving his best effort to cuff the angry panther. Francine came over, using her giant size, being an elephant and all, to pin down the struggling panther. Soasire, who had been sprawled on the floor exhausted from the chase, panicked to escape but her resistance was futile, Wolferd tackled her down and swiftly cuffed her. The sun began to shine brightly. I heard faint paw steps rushing towards me. My eyes were closed, exhausted from pain that still ran through my lower body and neck. Someone lifted my head up and placed my head on their small lap. I tried to open my eyes but the sun was so bright I could barely see, but I knew who it was. "Oh god, I've died and gone to heaven, I see a beautiful angel." I said weakly. Judy softly laughed as tears streamed down her eyes. "Oh Nick, you Dumb Fox, I was so worried." She croaked. I laughed half heartedly and soon slipped into unconsciousness.

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