SPY school + 3 future agents that love me = HELP!!- 8

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Chapter 8

We arrived at my house, and said good bye to each other; then William left, leaving me standing at the doorframe. I went inside my house. I think that this was the worst date. (You would think that I was exaggerating, but this was my first and last date. I know, I shouldn't close to every single man for having one bad experience but I was like this; damaged. A person who couldn't trust anybody because all the people I used to love left me.

I went to the kitchen because I was really hungry, well... that was William's fault, he didn't even let me finish my dinner at the restaurant. I opened the fridge and there was a lot of food in there; Maria knew me really well. I took some meat that had some sort of gravy on it and some pasta that was in a closed bowl.

I grabbed a plate and served some of the food in there; I took the food and put it in the microwave. I turned around while I was waiting for the food to be ready, and that was when I noticed...

Another big and white envelope was at the dining room table beside a bottle of bottled water; it seemed that the bottle was keeping the envelope in its place. The envelope was the same as the one I got yesterday with my schedule on it. I grabbed it and read what it said.

To: Miss J. Stevens

I opened it with my teeth. Inside the envelope was a single white sheet, It had written on it another schedule. Are they kidding me? We are going to have more classes tomorrow, and they are all different from the ones I got today? I don't think I will survive till the end of the semester.

There were some weird classes, with only the initials written on the schedule. How was I supposed to learn all those languages and also deal with the other classes?

So for tomorrow I got: Japanese, Arabic, Korean and Italian (This is going to be great! Note the sarcasm. It isn't that I wouldn't like to learn those languages. I mean they seem really interesting and all, but for Christ sake! I was already learning Chinese, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. I think that my brain is going to explode!) It is impossible for them to think that we can learn all that. Are they insane?

The other classes were S & C (with my last experience I didn't think that this one was something about spelling) the other one was HCS (Which I hope had something to do with Health Care. Yeah! Like if that was going to happen) and the last one was ET & T. I wouldn't put my brain in overdrive by trying to decipher all this things. (I know. I should be thinking like a spy, but I was really hungry)

I left the schedule at the dining table and went to the kitchen because of the microwave's alarm. I grabbed the bottled water and opened it to take a sip while I waited the food to not be so hot. Suddenly I started to feel really dizzy, and by the next second I felt how blackness swept through me.

I woke up and found myself lying on the floor in my kitchen.

"What happened?" I asked myself. I got up from the floor and I noticed that the sun was already out. Are you shitting me?! I ran upstairs to my bedroom. I looked at my clock and it said 6:45 am. No way! I'm so late, they are going to expel me. I already lost my Japanese class!

I ran to my wardrobe and grabbed a pair of loose jeans and a big shirt that said "I'm the kind of woman that when I woke up, the devil says * Oh crap, she's up" I thought it was hilarious when I bought it.

I grabbed a pair of panties, a white bra, and a pair of white socks. I ran to my bathroom, undressed myself and got inside the shower without even complaining that the water was cold as hell.

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